Wedding Venue Lighting Installation, New South Wales

If you need professional electrical services, you can trust our experts at AB Electrical Sydney. Now, any type of electrical installation, upgrades, and maintenance won’t be a burden anymore. Our services are priced transparently, so our electricians will provide honest upfront costs after evaluating your needs. We’re also highly experienced in providing outdoor lighting installation services, so if you want to transform your outdoor space with lighting, we’re the right people for the job. 

What was the client after?

Our client wanted to be provided with an installation of garden lighting for a luxury wedding accommodation at Wandara Farm. Installing garden lighting has to be done with proper planning and great care, as there are various factors to take into consideration such as position, angle, brightness, fixture types, and much more. This is where our team of experts came into play, ready to provide top-notch installation services for our client. 

What work was completed?

Our experts installed garden lighting around communal areas (like the fireplace) so that these spaces could benefit from adequate light and the ideal atmosphere. Several different types of lighting were used to ensure the venue was perfectly lit. Spike lights were mounted on the walls to enhance the location’s features, and copper outdoor lighting fixtures were added to provide a warm and welcoming ambiance.  

If you’re interested in such a project, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (02) 9061 7060. You can contact us 24/7 in case of emergencies, and we provide a money-back guarantee policy and a lifetime workmanship warranty.

Adding the Right Lighting to Your Outdoor Space 

As previously mentioned, adding lighting to an outdoor space must be planned well to provide the best results. Here’s our short guide on how to do it properly:

1. Consider the purpose and position of your lighting

Think of what you’d like your lighting to enhance. The stage, the welcoming space, or the closed areas? Then, decide where to position it or try some places to see how you can fix the light’s impact. At a wedding venue, you’d typically focus on the couple’s table and dancefloor but also on the main points of the location. 

2. Choose the right light fitting for the location

Each space must be provided with the right lighting. For example, most wedding avenues have flower beds, so spike lighting provides an ideal option as it can create a dramatic effect and offer bright illumination. Or, when it comes to pavement lights, a recessed fitting would be best in order to keep it fixed in position.

3.   Use spotlights to illuminate outdoor features

Spotlights are perfect for creating a romantic feel around the avenue as you focus on the outdoors’ natural features. For example, if you’re lucky to have water around, you can position lighting near to create a magical view. Or, pergola lighting is the best choice if you have a garden structure around the venue.

4.   Add layered lighting

Outdoor layering adds a little bit of spice to your outdoor location. There are three essentials when it comes to creating the perfect layering:

  • Ambient lighting provides enough illumination for comfort and offers soft and nuanced hues. This is the basic first layer.
  • Task lighting is the second to come, and its purpose is to make outdoor activities safe, lighting the garage, the pathway, or the yard.
  • Accent lighting is the final layer consisting of lighted trees, vases, or unique yard features.

5.   Illuminate water features in the garden 

Whether you have a small waterfall, a fountain, or a pond, you can add low voltage lighting, submersible light, and even a spotlight outside the water, like an illuminated tree.

6.   Add lighting to stairs with recessed lighting

Recessed lighting for stairs is a combination of safety and design, as it enhances visibility and allows you to decorate the place and make it look more mysterious.

7.   Use lighting to make a feature of your pool

Again, LED low-voltage lights are best to ensure safety and high quality when it comes to lighting next to a pool. You could also choose various colors and beam options to create a magical feeling for the venue.

8.   Create an outdoor living room with lighting 

You can turn any outdoor space into an enticing outdoor living room with the right fixtures.  Lighting can transform a place, making it both welcoming and functional. Weave lights around a trellis, flower-shaped lights, or twinkling festoons are easy to install by our experts.

Where was the job completed?

The project was finalized in Wandara Farm, Edith NSW.

Who worked on the job?

The team that worked on this job was made of Benny (tradesman) and Matt (apprentice). Along with them, our experts are always at your service, so you can give us a call at (02) 9061 7060 to discuss further details and decorate the venue of your dreams!

Wedding Venue Lighting Installation 1
Wedding Venue Lighting Installation

Wedding Venue Lighting Installation 2
Wedding Venue Lighting Installation

Wedding Venue Lighting Installation 3
Wedding Venue Lighting Installation

Wedding Venue Lighting Installation 4
Wedding Venue Lighting Installation

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