Things to do: Visit Bondi Beach in Sydney

bondi beach

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If you find yourself in Sydney looking for something to do, there’s an exciting attraction worth visiting: Bondi Beach. 

Every year, Bondi beach attracts more than 2.5 million tourists who come to soak up the sun, have a good swim, and meet the enthusiastic people of Sydney. This under the sunspot is a sure example of the unique beach lifestyle in Australia and with good reason. 

The easy-going beach culture of Australia attracts travelers making it a buzzing place from dawn to dusk. It’s not just the beach and wave lovers but eating out at one of the award-winning restaurants at Bondi is one of the much-revered attractions. At Bondi, you can enjoy: 

Riding the Waves 

Tick off an iconic thing to do in Bondi and learn to ride the waves. Surfing is a national sport in Australia and a must-try when visiting this beach. 

The southern end of Bondi is dedicated altogether to surfing, with plenty of surfers to chat with and surf schools you can sharpen your skills at and surf hire stores that let you kick out on your own. If you’re a beach lover, merely watching from the sidelines can be an activity in itself. If you’re a total stranger to this activity, just take one of the beginner’s classes and experience this fun sport. 

Kombucha Classes in Bondi 

Nothing lifts the spirits better than a kombucha. And it surely doesn’t get any more Bondi than going to learn how to make kombucha. Bondi is the center of health and so learning how to make your own kombucha, and fermented veggies must be one of the unique things to do in this suburb.  

If you’re out and out to try different things while in Sydney, grab your loved ones or your mates and spend the day not only learning all about the process but also preparing your own homemade kombucha. 

Stroll the Bondi Markets 

Bondi markets are worth coming exclusively to the Eastern Suburbs for. Here you will find everything from flowers, gifts, second-hand clothing, homemade bread and jams, souvenirs, and artifacts.

On Saturdays, you can browse stalls piled high with organic produce and pick up a tasty snack, and on Sundays, you can pick up a few souvenirs from the many stalls selling unique crafts and handmade arts. 

Take Meditation Classes 

If you’re new to this world or if you’re looking to hone your meditation skills, why not take a movement meditation class in Bondi.

Movement meditation is all about learning to connect with our own energy. The power within this can help you learn more about who you are and how to comprehend uncertainties of life that involve emotional and mental filters. 

The skills you will develop in these classes will truly give you a sense of how to deal with difficult situations to give you long-lasting joy and contentment from within. 

Complete Your Insta Stories On Diamon Bay 

Diamond Bay is a gorgeous part of Sydney that will make you think you’ve been transported to god knows what dreamy part of Greece. While it’s on the Bondi to Watsons Bay walk, make sure you’re really careful there. 

Diamond Bay is pretty abrupt, so don’t put yourself at risk, even if it’s just for an Instagram story. Instead, admire the amazing spot with stairs which everyone believes are the remains of a house before it eroded away. 

Dine in Bondi Restaurants 

After spending the day soaking up the sea and sun, refuel at one of Bondi’s ocean view restaurants. Lining the coast, local eateries are equipped with laid back atmosphere and large glass windows. Depending on what you’re looking for will determine the style of the restaurant.

For a five-star experience, try Iceberg Dining Room and Bar. This award-winning restaurant features elegant Italian cuisines and elegant seating, all with the flawless scenic view of the ocean and nearby city buildings.

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