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Switchboard Upgrades

Are you experiencing your lights flickering or your power consistently tripping? Then you may benefit from a switchboard upgrade.

What are the signs that you need a switchboard upgrade?

A switchboard is a complex device consisting of varying connections that helps break down electric currents into smaller divisible circuits. It is often at the core of many electrical issues, and in many cases it's best advised to upgrade the switchboard in order to handle your home's or business's electrical demands.

Some of the key signs that you may need to upgrade your switchboard include:

  1. Flickering Lights

    Flickering lights are one of the most consistent signs that your switchboard is having difficulty delivering the power demand of your household appliances.

  2. Outdated Switchboard

    Since we rely on technological gadgets and appliances more than ever before, your home may be strained for the necessary electrical output that is required. Typically, homes built before the 2000s use an outdated switchboard that should be upgraded to meet today's electrical demands.

  3. Fuse Blowing

    A fuse bowing shows that the switchboard can't control current and is causing an electrical short. This is a common sign that the switchboard is damaged and needs to be replaced.

  4. Circuit Breakers Tripping

    If your circuit breakers constantly trip abnormally, then this is a sign that your switchboard may be damaged.

  5. Burning Smell Around the Switchboard

    If you experience a burning smell around the switchboard, then this is a severe sign that the switchboard may be damaged or improperly configured. It is important to address this urgently, as it may lead to more significant issues.



    In some cases, the issue with your electrical system may appear to be caused by a faulty or outdated switchboard, but may instead be a result of a different issue - such as faulty wiring. We begin first by thoroughly assessing the issue to identify whether it is indeed the switchboard that needs to be replaced, or whether the issue can be reliably fixed through a different means.


    We pride ourselves on the quality of work that we put out. In order to ensure the highest quality of work, we also select our materials carefully, so that they meet the highest standards of quality & longevity. We use advanced switchboards that can reliably handle the electricity demands of today, so that your switchboard will function reliably for years to come.

    Switchboard Upgrades Done Right

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