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Sydney, the capital of New South Wales, is one of Australia’s largest cities. This seaside city is home to about 5.313 million people, and it is almost certain no one there can get enough of this iconic location. Besides being the most populated city across Australia, Sydney is also a hotspot for tourists and travellers, attracting over 4.1 million visitors annually

The first inhabitants of this region we now call Sydney were indigenous Australians who migrated from northern Australia and Southeast Asia. The city is named after Lord Sydney, the British home secretary, when Captain Arthur Philip and the First Flee arrived in the region back in 1788.

Today, Sydney is a place with a range of cultures, spectacular sights, and services. It is also a region with lovely weather, which is one of the reasons it is a popular holiday destination and a great place to live in. 

Where is Sydney? 

Whether you’re thinking about visiting this beautiful city, or you’re a resident here and want to learn more about Sydney, you first need to know more information about where it is located. 

Sydney is located in New South Wales, based on the east coast of Australia. Sydney surrounds Port Jackson, and it extends towards the Blue Mountains on the west, Hawkesbury in the north, and the famous Royal National Park in the south. 

What is Sydney best known for? 

There are many interesting facts about Sydney that place it on the map of many travellers in the region. First of all, it is the most populous city in Australia and Oceania, which also proves that it is a popular destination for living here. Secondly, the city’s location makes it be close to a range of hotspots. What’s more, the city is also at the top of many traveller’s bucket lists for its stores, the art here, and the ongoing live events. 

Sydney’s regions 

Another important thing to know about this popular city is that it is split into six official regions. Each of the regions has something unique travellers and residents can find here. Here are the six areas of Sydney, NSW: 

  • Inner Suburbs: Stretching from the south of Sydney Cove and covered by the City of Sydney, this area is the main district of Sydney. It’s home to food, drink, and plenty of art facilities. 
  • Inner West: The Inner West region includes the Inner West Council, the Municipality of Burwood, the City of Canada Bay, and the Municipality of Strathfield. It is home to Australia’s first university, the University of Sydney. 
  • Eastern Suburbs: It is one of the most populous parts of Sydney, and it is also considered one of the most expensive areas. It includes the Municipality of Woollahra, the City of Randwick, the Waverley Municipal Council, and a part of the Bayside Council. 
  • Southern Sydney: This is the best region to discover Sydney’s history. It is close to the Royal National Park, which is also the oldest park in Australia. 
  • Northern Sydney: One of the most popular travel hotspots as it is home to a lot of food, drink, culture, and accommodation options. It’s home to some of Sydney’s most popular landmarks, including Macquarie University, Ryde Bridge, and Curzon Hall. 
  • Western Suburbs: This area encompasses Parramatta, and it has plenty of good options for accommodation as it is home to plenty of travel hotspots like Featherdale Wildlife Park and the Raging Waters.

Most popular things to do in Sydney 

As mentioned above, Sydney is home to plenty of places you can visit and many activities you can experience. There’s just no way one can get bored while visiting the city or living here. Here are the most famous landmarks in Sydney

  • Sydney Opera House: Located on the iconic and popular Sydney Harbour, Sydney Opera House is a multi-venue performing arts centre, hosting a variety of art performances. 
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge: Located next to the Sydney Opera House, this iconic landmark is the second most popular location travellers visit. It’s a place where people can enjoy plenty of free outdoor activities. 
  • Bondi Beach: One of the most popular Australian beaches, Bondi Beach is a loved destination by both travellers and locals. Bondi Beach is a famous destination for surf enthusiasts, and the white sand here is something absolutely spectacular. 
  • Luna Park: Luna Park is located on the northern shore of the Sydney Harbour, and it is an Australian Heritage site. It is also one of the two amusement parks worldwide that are protected by government legislation. 
  • Parramatta: Considered to be the heart of West Sydney, Parramatta is a hub of plenty of activities. It is home to a range of restaurants, bars, cafes, and shopping facilities. Parramatta is the place where you’ll find the best entertainment and food across Sydney. 

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