Recessed Power Box Installation on Parraween St Cremorne, Lower North Shore

What the client was after?

The client contacted the electricians from AB Electrical & Communications for recessed power box installation. The installation of a recessed power box requires some cutting and grinding, and it’s always best to leave it to the professionals to handle the project. 

Installing a recessed power box is often one of the first steps in electrical rough-in work. Homeowners often regard it as easy work, but there are some frequent mistakes they’re prone to when handling the project on their own that could affect the overall home safety. It’s best to hire a professional electrician to do it, to ensure the electrical system poses no safety issues and meets code requirements. 

What work was completed?

  • The electricians from AB Electrical & Communications completed several actions to install the recessed power box.
  • We marked the cutout dimensions of the power box on the floorboards. 
  • We used a multi-tool to cut out and remove the timber. 
  • We used a rotary hammer drill to chisel out the concrete, deep enough so that the power box would fit flush in the floor. 
  • We drilled down through the concrete slab into the false floor below, where we were able to locate the power to tap into.

While installing the electrical box, our electricians made sure to work in safe conditions and consulted the client on the location of the power box. 

When would you need a recessed power box in your home?

The homeowners who want to remove wires and protruding plugs from sight choose recessed outlet technology because it’s low-profile and features inset frames. The electrician would install the wires and power box deep into the wall, preventing the cords from getting crimped or bent. With recessed outlet hardware, there are no connectors, wires, or plugs to protrude from the surface. 

If you’re not sure if you should install a recessed power box in your house, here are the instances when it could prove helpful.

  • Behind a wall-mounted flat-screen TV. Ensure to get one with added ports to manage the wires and cables in a single place easily. 
  • Behind furniture (bookshelves, hutches, sliding sofas, desks, and other elements installed close to walls).
  • Outdoors. Pick a model with a slim cover to prevent water from entering the outlet.
  • In the kitchen to hide wires and plugs, and install appliances on walls or the backsplash.
  • In the bathroom to maximise space and keep outlets and plugs away from the shower or sink. 
  • In the office to enhance safety and remove wires and cords from the way.

Can you DIY install a recessed power box at home?

If you want to take advantage of the recessed electrical technology, you may consider installing the power box by yourself. Even if it’s not more difficult to install it than a regular outlet, hiring an experienced electrician to assist you is recommended. They will turn off the house electrical circuits, identify the best place to install the recessed power box and insert it into the designed space. Before leaving your house, they’ll secure the area to ensure it poses no danger to you or your family. 

Where was the job completed?

The electricians from AB Electrical and Communications visited the clients at Parraween St, Cremorne NSW 2090 to install the recessed power box.

Who worked on the job?

The job was completed by Adam (Tradesman) and Benny (Tradesman).

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