Home Tesla Charger Installation on Innes Rd, Greenwich North Shore

If you’re anywhere around Sydney and looking for a team of electricians with an extensive range of expertise to install your in-home Tesla charger, look no further. Let AB Electrical & Communications Sydney sort out your Tesla home installation for you. We will help you choose a favorable location to install your EV charging station, run conduit from the panel to where you will charge, and install easy-to-use and safe plugs anywhere you want. 

What the Client Was After 

Our client, located in Innes Rd, Greenwich, needed help with the installation of a Tesla charger for his electric vehicle. After discussing his requirements and presenting the options, we sent a team of technicians to his location to proceed with the installation of the Tesla charger. 

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Home Tesla Charger Installation on Innes Rd, Greenwich North Shore 3

Different Types of In-home EV Chargers in Australia 

By installing a residential EV charging point at home, you can charge as you sleep, eat, and play, all while making sure your car is ready to go the next day. 

Generally speaking, there are three different types of EV charging: Level 1, Level 2, level 3. However, only level 2 charging stations are suited for homes and apartments due to the fact that they’re considerably faster than Level 1 EV charging points and don’t usually require costly reparations to a power supply like their Level 3 counterparts. 

In-home charging stations usually deliver somewhere between 3.7 -22kW of power out and work by connecting to your home’s electricity supply. With a Level 2 EV charger at maximum power output, one hour of charging will ensure approximately 120 km of range. 

Can I Install a Level 2 Charger in My Home?

Most homes in Australia can add a circuit for Level 2 chargers without having to upgrade the service. But in order to work a Level 2 charger requires a dedicated 240 – volt circuit similar to that of an electric kitchen range.

Don’t try to install a level 2 charger or share an existing circuit by yourself, especially if you’re not an electrical expert. AB Electrician Greenwich are the experts you need for that, ready to install whatever EV charger you may need, including the ever-so-famous Tesla wall charger. 

In-Home EV Chargers Are Faster 

With a residential charging station, most EV enthusiasts will be able to charge their vehicle overnight and hit the streets the next day. Level 2 EV chargers have a maximum power of 22kW which means they can fully charge a Tesla Model 3 in just three hours and 45 minutes. They are ideal for home scenarios as they deliver a comfortable power quantity without requiring pretentious upgrades, depending on your location, of course.  

How We Helped 

Our first step was to investigate the best-suited location for the installation of a Tesla charger. We took into account our client’s suggestion and the size and structure of the wall in order to run a 3-phase circuit. We took the following steps to complete the job: 

  • Ran 3-phase orange circular power cable from the main switchboard to the desired location. 
  • Drilled into the cavity at charger location 
  • Used the cavity in the wall to run the cable up and over to the other side of the property where the main switchboard is located. 
  • Utilised the roof space as a means of access 
  • Installed Tesla charger 
  • Installed 3-phase 20amp RCBO/Safety switch at the main switchboard 
  • Tested and commissioned

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Home Tesla Charger Installation on Innes Rd, Greenwich North Shore 4

Where the Job Took Place 

To complete the Tesla charger installation project, we travelled to our client’s location on Innes Rd, Greenwich situated between Gore Hill Cemetery and Lane Cove Bushland in the Gore Hill suburb of Sydney. 

The Team Working on The Project 

Benny – Tradesman
Matt – Apprentice

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