The History Of Electricity And How We Got To Where We Are Today

Electricity is something we’ve just come to expect.  Where it once was considered to be a luxury, reserved for the more fortunate, electrical services are now deemed a necessity by most.

Flashback two hundred and fifty years ago.  A switch was flipped and a light bulb came on…or an appliance kicked on.  People were flabbergasted and amazed.  Nowadays, if a switch doesn’t render the magic, electrical repairs at the call of a button are in order.  We expect electricity.  We often even take it for granted.

Electricity Back in the Day

Here’s how it all began:

Benjamin Franklin was an American living in the first industrial revolution which was also the time of the American Revolution.  In 1752, he conducted an experiment with a kite.  By flying the kite in a thunder storm, he set about to prove that the electrical properties of lightning existed.  Using nothing but a kite constructed of a simple silk handkerchief, a string of hemp, and a string made of silk.  He also used a Leyden jar, wire, and a house key for the experiment.  With the assistance of his son, Franklin proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that there was a connection between electricity and lightning.

Michael Faraday, a British scientist, built upon Franklin’s studies.  In 1831, he discovered the base principles of the generation of electricity as we know it.  He figured out how to induce electricity through the use of copper wires and the movements of magnets inside the wires.

Through the years, electrical services progressed and were perfected.  Much research is conducted on the subject of electricity and great strides have been made.  Now, electricity is something we have come to expect.  While there are other forms of energy, like that from burning coal or using wind or water to generate it, electricity is the most widely used.  It is convenient and doesn’t pollute like coal does.  Appliances run off electricity.  Heat and cooling can be conducted through electrical devices.  Cell phones, laptops, desktops, televisions, and most other electronics run off electrical service.  Some cars are even fueled electrically.

Electricity helps us thrive.  It keeps us comfortable and entertained at home and provides for our business needs at the workplace.  Huge powerplants even depend on the use of electric.  It is difficult to image where we would be today if not for electricity.

We not only have electricity at our fingertips, we have professionals, like commercial electricians and residential electricians who make their living doing electrical repairs.  As a society, we are floored if our service wains for even a short time because everything we do revolves around the use of electricity.  Even our communication networks demand the use of electricity.

For Electrical Repairs – Make a Good Connection

If you are having trouble with your service or want a switchboard upgrade, data cabling in Sydney, or any other electrical repairs or emergency electrical services, reach out to us at AB Electrical & Communications.  We’ll get you up and running in no time.

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