Heat Strips Installation in Crows Nest North Shore

The Sydney-based electrical service provider, AB Electrical & Communications is one of the most reputable and reliable within Sydney. The founder, Adam Bushell, who works alongside his team of qualified and licenced electricians, has experience in the field exceeding ten years. So, there is no doubt that the company is highly professional and more than capable of dealing with any electrical issue, whether residential or commercial.

Offering a wide-ranging portfolio of services, the AB Electrical & Communication team is trained and equipped to tackle any electrical issue, regardless of how big or small it is. The company’s reputation was built over time, given the undivided attention and commitment every member of the team allocates to every client and each electrical project. AB Electrical & Communications is dedicated to providing personalised service, emergency support, and affordable and upfront prices to their clients.

All work done by AB Electrical & Communications is per the latest Australian Standards (AS/NZS300).

What was the client after?

We at AB Electrical & Communications commit to all sorts of electrical jobs, from domestic to commercial. Regardless of the complexity of a project, the team will provide the same professionalism. Our goal is to solve the issue as promptly as possible and give you peace of mind, reassuring you the property is safe from any electrical hazard.

In this particular instance our client was wanting three 3400W heat strips installed in various locations around their property. When a heat pump needs additional heating output support, these heat strips are required. Therefore, the heat strips act as a supplemental source of heat.

What was the type of work completed?

We began by running a 2.5mm twin and earth cable between the heaters and the main switchboard of the property. We installed 3 Residual Current Circuit Breakers at the main switchboard. This means that there was one RCBO for each heater. Due to the wattage of the units, it was necessary for each heater to have a dedicated 20 amp circuit.

Next, in order to run the cables, we used the wall cavities, subfloor and some surface mounted conduit.

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What is the purpose of RCBOs?

Residual current circuit breaker with overcurrent protection or RCBO is necessary when protection must be combined against overload and short-circuit – two types of overcurrent. The purpose of RCBO is also to protect against earth leakage currents. Therefore, RCBOs can effectively detect issues and disconnect their poles from the main power supply, keeping everything – and everyone – protected.

Are heat strips waterproof?

Yes, some heat strips can be waterproof. However, because not all of them may be, it is of the utmost importance to make sure the make and model used on your heat source is waterproof. This way, you avoid any dangerous incidents from happening. If you are unsure, you can always contact us at AB Electrical & Communications, and we will have a look for you.

Should I get an electrician to install my heat strips?

You should always contact a qualified and licensed electrician when it comes to any electrical issue on your residential or commercial property. Regardless of how minor the problem may seem, you must get an electrician to inspect it and find a solution. This applies to heat strip installation as well.

Competent electricians know how to use the correct technical accessories for installers. Hence, you should always let the professionals check whether the heater is well functioning. If necessary, they will know how to install heat strips correctly.

Where was the job completed?

The job of installing three heat strips in various locations took place at the property located at Crows Nest, NSW 2065, in Sydney’s North Shore, Australia.

Who worked on the job?

The two qualified electricians in Crows Nest who successfully completed the job at AB Electrical & Communications are as follows:

  • Adam – the tradesman 
  • Matt – the apprentice

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