Extractor Fan Installation in East Ryde, Sydney

Given their purpose, bathrooms are prone to condensation and excess moisture. Since water and electricity are a dangerous mix, there are special requirements when it comes to installing electrical circuits or equipment in the bathroom in order to meet safety standards. It’s therefore important to have a qualified electrician carry out electrical work in your bathroom to ensure safety and efficiency. 

At AB Electrical and Communications Sydney, we can take care of all your bathroom electrics, whether you want to install an electric socket, a watertight lighting fixture, an extractor fan, or wire your bathroom.  

What Was the Client After?

We were contacted by a client who was after the installation of an extractor fan in their tiled bathroom. The bathroom wasn’t previously equipped with a fan, so they needed a professional to provide guidance in this respect and ensure proper installation of the appliance. We dispatched one of our skilled tradesmen to our client’s location to assess the situation and install the fan. 

What Work Was Completed? 

After arriving at the client’s property, our technician took the following steps to complete the job:

  • Determining the type of extractor fan that is best suited for the setting and identifying the best location for installing it
  • Turning off the power supply to the bathroom 
  • Measuring and cutting a hole in the wall to fit the appliance
  • Installing the new wall-mounted extraction fan in the tiled bathroom
  • Installing the vent on the exterior of the property
  • Connecting bathroom fan wiring to the powerpoint below where an additional switch for the fan was installed 
  • Turning on the power to test the extractor fan

The Purpose of an Extractor Fan and Why it is Vital to Have One in the Bathroom

Extractor fans have become a common appliance in modern homes, being used mostly in kitchens, bathrooms, or laundry rooms to remove moisture, odours, and smoke from these areas.

They are as simple as they are effective: they’re comprised of a small electric motor that spins a fan at high speed, pushing the air outside the room along with steam, smells, and moisture. Extractor fans come in different shapes and sizes and can be divided into three categories:

  • Ceiling-mounted fans – one of the most common types of extractor fans, it extracts the indoor air and pushes it outside through roof vents 
  • Wall-mounted fans – they work just like ceiling-mounted fans, except they’re installed on an exterior wall, pulling the air out through a duct that runs through it 
  • Inline fans – they are usually located in a remote area of the house, being larger than the other two types, and use a duct system that connects multiple rooms in the house.

New extractor fan models are much quieter than their predecessors, which means they won’t sound like a jet engine when you turn them on. They also usually come in compact units containing all the electrical and mechanical parts, which makes the installation process a lot easier. 

By their nature, bathrooms tend to easily get damp and humid. That can lead to mould, mildew, and other fungi growing in your home, not to mention water damage, and poor air quality, so ensuring proper ventilation is extremely important. That’s where bathroom extractor fans come into play, providing a series of benefits, such as: 

  • Keeping moisture out of the bathroom – condensation is a major issue in every bathroom. When the steam from taking a shower or a bath mixes with cold air, it produces moisture which can linger on if the room is not properly ventilated. An extractor can help you get rid of this issue by pulling the moisture out of the bathroom. 
  • Ensuring a safe and healthy environment – damp bathrooms provide an ideal breeding ground for mould, mildew, and other health-related concerns. With an extractor fan, you can keep your bathroom dry and prevent mould from growing.   
  • Keeping your bathroom in top condition for longer – high levels of humidity in the bathroom can wreak havoc on your fittings and appliances. Installing an extractor fan can keep this issue at bay and prologue the life of bathroom equipment. 
  • Keeping unpleasant odours away – given the humidity and the limited airflow, bathrooms can also be plagued with bad odours. Extractor fans can ensure proper ventilation and improve airflow, so your bathroom can smell fresh and clean at all times. 

Where Was the Job Completed?

This job was completed at our client’s property in East Ryde, Sydney NSW. East Ryde is a suburb located in the Northern Sydney region, on the western bank of the Lane Cove River, about 12 kilometres north-west of the Sydney central business district. 

Who Worked on the Job?

Our tradesman Benny.

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