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Emergency Electrical Services

Emergency electrical issues come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it be a blown fuse, burnt wiring, or a tripped circuit breaker – we’ll be there to solve the problem quickly and efficiently.

Common Emergency Electrical Issues

  • Power outage
  • Noisy breaker box
  • Blown fuse
  • Burnt smells
  • Burnt outlet
  • Flickering lights
  • Overloaded power points
  • Hot ceiling fixtures
  • Serious electrical shock
  • Tripped circuit breaker
  • Corroded wiring
  • Smoke from wiring


    Immediate Electrical

    We understand how urgent an electrical issue can be. That's why we come to your home or office immediately and ensure your issue is resolved in a timely and professional manner.


    Once the job is done and the issue is resolved, we'll complete a thorough inspection of the affected area to ensure this issue is only a one-time problem.

    Urgent Electrical

    Whether it be a blown fuse, a power outage, or a noisy circuit breaker - you can have peace of mind knowing that AB Electrical & Communications is on our way to help


    When the issue is resolved and the post-inspection is complete, we'll advise you on how to keep your home or office space safe so you can avoid this same problem in the future.

    Keeping Your Space Safe From Electrical Issues

    Why Choose Us

    Immediate, timely, and affordable emergency services.

    Over 10+ Years Experience

    Adam Bushell has over 10 years experience solving emergency electrical issues across Sydney, Australia.

    Guaranteed Fix

    Our emergency electrical work is guaranteed and in accordance with the latest Australian standards. (AS/NZS300)

    Immediate Service

    Emergency electrical issues are of an urgent nature. We’ll be there to solve your problem immediately.

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    We’re right here, right now, ready to help with your emergency electrical issue. Contact us immediately for a quick fix to your problem.

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