ELV Garden Lighting Install

What The Client Was After:

Installation of ELV Garden Lighting operated by Wi-Fi to work autonomously for our client in Melbourne Victoria.

This client contacted AB Electrical because they wanted to install ELV Garden Lighting that could be controlled via Wi-Fi and set on a schedule. Once we got all of the information we sent one of our tradesmen over to Melbourne, Victoria to get started on the installation.

What is ELV Lighting and How Does It Work?

ELV stands for Electronic Low Voltage. In other words, ELV lighting is lighting where a dimmer is used to place resistance in the power flow before it enters the bulb. This makes it so the power current going through the bulb is lower.

This can help reduce the brightness of the light and also helps conserve energy, which is great if you’re going to be keeping your lights on for long periods of time.

What Work Was Completed:

1. Installation of Weatherproof Double Power Point

The first step in our installation process was to install a weatherproof double power point. This is where the lighting system will connect to and draw its power from.

2. Ran ELV Wiring 100

Once the power point was installed we could begin running the wire. Since the client wanted ELV lighting we decided to run ELV wiring 100 and buried it so it was no longer visible.

This type of wiring creates resistance which reduces the current of electricity that ends up flowing through the lights. This can help to dim the light and reduce the amount of power that it uses.

3. Installation of Wi-Fi Garden Lighting System

After our wiring was in the ground we could install the actual lighting system. Each light was connected to the ELV wiring that we ran through the ground.

The lighting system that we installed was also Wi-Fi compatible which was something important to our client as they wanted to be able to control the lights from their phones.

4. Soldered All Connections and Sealed with Heat Shrink

Once the lighting system was installed it was time to hook everything together.

To do this we connected the ELV wiring to the double power point, then plugged the individual lights into the wiring.

After everything was connected we used glue-lined, waterproof heat shrink to seal all of the connections. This step is especially important because if you don’t seal and waterproof your connections they could easily become damaged by moisture, even if they’re designed for outdoor use.

5. Tested System and Configured Timing Schedule

After the entire system was connected we tested it to make sure that it was working properly. We made sure that there were no breaks in the connection and that every light was turning on when connected to the power supply.

Once everything was in working order we helped the client to set up their timing schedule that way the lights would turn on and off at the correct times.

Outdoor Lighting Options:

Outdoor lighting is an important part of any landscaping project. After all, you want to be able to see your landscaping at night. It can also help to light walkways and keep wild animals away from your home as many will shy away from artificial lighting.

Before deciding which lighting to install it’s important to understand the different options available to you and pick one according to your individual needs.

Some of the most popular outdoor lighting options are:

  1. Recessed outdoor lighting
  2. Festoon & Fairy lights
  3. Torch lights
  4. Lanterns
  5. Wall sconces
  6. Solar light
  7. Pendant light
  8. Light canopy
  9. Under Eaves Lighting

Why Should I Use ELV Lighting?

ELV lighting is a great way for any home to be a little more energy efficient and can help you to save money on electricity bills.

When you leave lights on all the time you are always using electricity and while light bulbs may not use that much, when they’re left on all day it adds up quickly. That is where ELV lightning comes in.

If you have lighting that you prefer to leave on all day, such as outdoor lighting, or you have a business that keeps its lights on 24/7, ELV lighting can be a great way to reduce the amount of energy you’re consuming.

ELV lights work by creating resistance in the wire that carries the electricity to the light. This makes it so less power can pass through to the light which reduces the overall energy that the light uses.

Where the Job Was Completed:

Caulfield, Melbourne, Victoria

Who Worked on the Job:

Benny – Tradesman


ELV Garden Lighting Install 1 img
ELV Garden Lighting Install

ELV Garden Lighting Install 2 img
ELV Garden Lighting Install

ELV Garden Lighting Install 3 img
ELV Garden Lighting Install

ELV Garden Lighting Install 4 img
ELV Garden Lighting Install

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