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Electrical Switchboard Upgrades

Electrical Switchboard Upgrades

AB Electrical & Communications is a reputable electrical service provider company with more than ten years of experience in the field.
This means that our team of highly skilled and qualified electricians can assist you with any electrical issue you may have, whether it be a minor or a more complex project. What’s more, AB Electrical is a well-established company that commits to residential and commercial electrical projects. The company, founded and operated by the Sydney-based experienced electrician, Adam Bushell, is a relatively small business but one of the best in Sydney.
Not only do we commit to providing the best services, with a wide-ranging portfolio, to both domestic and commercial markets, but we also value our relationship with our clients a great deal. For this reason, we always aim to engage in open communication, simple explanations and honest examination with accurate price estimates. This, together with a job well done, is how we have managed to create such a reputable business for so many years and continue to do so.
Not to mention that all the work fulfilled by the AB Electrical & Communications team of professionals is up to governing standards. More specifically, we adhere to the latest Australian standards, AS/NZS300.
Does my switchboard need to be upgraded?
A switchboard upgrade is necessary from time to time. Just like with anything else, whether an appliance, a piece of equipment, a home, or a tool, they don’t always stand the test of time. While it is true that high-quality objects or projects done almost to perfection can last a really long time, it is pretty impossible for something not to get outdated at some point. But worry not – this is why upgrades exist and are highly necessary. So, the same applies to a switchboard.

To answer the question simply:

Yes, your switchboard will need to be upgraded at some point in time. Why? Because it isn’t safe anymore, and you must ensure your household or business is hazard-free. An upgraded switchboard is significantly safer than one that begins to malfunction due to an overload, lack of inbuilt safety switches, or other issues that are likely to happen when you have an old switchboard.


The switchboard installed in your home or business has the vital role of directing all the electricity from its main supply around the property. Such a crucial role as a control centre must be guaranteed. This means that regular maintenance checks are of the utmost importance to know when the switchboard needs an upgrade and schedule it as soon as possible.

Why is it important to check and maintain my switchboard?
The main reason it is so important to frequently have your switchboard checked and ensure regular maintenance is safety. As mentioned earlier, the switchboard is a control centre for the electricity supply. It ensures that all the electricity is directed and circulated across the property, whether a commercial or residential estate. So, if your switchboard is outdated and hasn’t been checked by a professional electrician in a long time, the risk of an electrical hazard increases significantly.
For this reason, it is of the utmost importance to ensure your switchboard is upgraded if its current state presents any malfunction or if it cannot handle all the property’s power consumption anymore. There is no secret that, over the years, such power consumption has increased exponentially. This happens due to electrical appliances, digital devices, gadgets and equipment being used much more than before. Apart from an amplified use, the power they need has also increased.

Therefore, an outdated switchboard or one that hasn’t had necessary upgrades cannot handle such power consumption, and its role as a central centre for electricity can no longer be fulfilled.


AB Electrical has an experienced team of qualified electricians who can check and upgrade your switchboard.

Electrical Switchboard Upgrades
What are the possible dangers of not updating my switchboard?
An outdated switchboard can present various risks to your household or business. The technology and technological advancements made possible today require much more power consumption which an outdated switchboard wouldn’t be able to handle properly. With a lot of various appliances, gadgets, digital devices and other electrical equipment sometimes operating at the same time, it is necessary to have an updated and upgraded switchboard that can handle all this demand.
Otherwise, if your switchboard remains outdated and unable to function as expected, the following possible dangers can happen:
Overload issues due to the impossibility to cope with modern-day appliances;
Switchboard switch
Electrical fires or shocks due to overloaded switchboard or lack of inbuilt safety switches;
Circuit breaker constantly tripping or fuses blowing mainly because of an overload.
Seeing the possible dangers mentioned above, if you have an outdated switchboard, it can be safely assumed that the main risk of this is an electrical fire, which can vary in intensity. However, regardless of whether a fire would be minor, it is crucial to prevent this from happening. How? By making sure your switchboard is updated, upgraded and compliant with current regulations.
What are the signs showing I need to upgrade my switchboard?
You may not know whether your switchboard needs an upgrade. And if there weren’t any severe signs, such as a minor electrical fire or an evident overload, it could be a challenge for ordinary people to realise their switchboard needs an immediate upgrade.
The good news is that it is highly likely you have encountered some of the signs that show your switchboard is outdated and can no longer handle all the electricity demands of your property.
Fixing Switchboard
To clear the air and eliminate any doubt in this respect, here are the signs you should keep an eye on and investigate:

Flickering lights: damaged or outdated switchboards have loose wiring, which can cause this;

A burning smell or sparks: any of these indicate an overload or faulty wiring in the switchboard;

Ceramic or melted fuses: ceramic fuses are a sign of outdated switchboards;

Overcrowded and tangled wiring in the switchboard;

Fuses blowing frequently: the switchboard cannot cope with the electrical demand;

A mild shock when plugging in a device or appliance;

Buzzing and sizzling noises coming from the switchboard.

If you notice any of the signs mentioned above, hiring a professional electrician immediately is crucial. No matter how big or small you think the issue is, it is better to be safe than sorry. You can contact any of our qualified electricians to inspect the switchboard and decide whether it needs an upgrade.
Do I need to upgrade my switchboard if I am switching to solar energy?
Yes. If you have decided to switch to solar energy, upgrading or installing a compatible switchboard is vital. Depending on the solar power option you choose, you may need a new switchboard altogether, as otherwise, the system won’t function.
In other cases, if you already have an upgraded switchboard, it may be possible to add additional circuits to match the solar energy you use. In this situation, you only need an update.
However, the recommendation is to speak with a professional electrician who can inspect your electrical systems and has the expertise to make an informed, qualified decision.
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