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Residential & Commercial Electrical Repairs in Sydney

AB Electrical is a company that caters to both markets: domestic and commercial. So, whether you need electrical assistance for personal reasons, at your home, or professional ones, at your business, we are here to provide solutions to any issues you may have, whether minor or more complex. The company has built a solid team consisting of highly skilled electricians and engineers with vast knowledge. So, regardless of the complexity of the project, they are committed and qualified to handle them. No challenge is too big.

The Sydney-based company is a relatively small business. But this doesn’t mean it doesn’t have the ability to meet its customers’ demands and fulfil every project with the same level of professionalism. The fact that we operate as a small business gives us the chance to tailor our services better to your needs.

Apart from reliable services with no hidden costs, here at AB Electrical we pride ourselves on our excellent communication skills, which are especially helpful when liaising with clients who have little to no electrical systems knowledge. So, to avoid having any misunderstanding or creating confusion, we never use jargon or give complicated explanations. We keep it simple, straight to the point, and honest.

Some of the services and repairs AB Electrical offers for residential and commercial purposes are as follows:



Why you should choose AB Electrical for your electrical repair needs

First of all, AB Electrical has over years of experience in the electrical industry, with its founder, Adam Bushel, a Sydney-born highly-skilled and experienced electrician, driving the business to where it is today. As a potential client, it is definitely something you want to hear when you look for an electrical service provider. This vast expertise allows our qualified team to solve any electrical issues they may encounter, in both commercial or residential environments.

Apart from the reliability of the services, vast knowledge, experience and professionalism, AB Electrical is a company that adheres to the latest Australian standards. So, you can rest assured that any project is fulfilled successfully and in accordance with all governing standards.

If you need yet another reason you should choose AB Electrical as your go-to service provider for your electrical repair needs; we have it. The company delivers a straightforward pricing scheme with no hidden costs to worry about. As soon as the team inspects the issue, the price is set, and there will be no surprise costs after the work has been finalised.

Last but not least, we offer emergency services. Because electrical issues can be extremely serious and present a hazard, it is of the utmost importance to deal with them as soon as they appear. Plus, besides being dangerous to leave electrical issues unresolved for a long period of time, they are also heavily disruptive. This is why we have committed to offering emergency services for residential and commercial clients – so you have peace of mind that any issue you may have will be solved in no time.

Electrical Repair Services AB Electrical Offers

As mentioned above, AB Electrical offers a wide-ranging portfolio of repair services. The following are some electrical issues that happen more frequently and need urgent repairing.

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Smoke alarm chirping

This issue can be pretty disruptive. Hearing a chirping noice coming from your smoke alarm can mean the battery is no longer functioning, or another more severe issue may be the cause. To make sure the smoke alarm is working correctly, we offer various services, from replacing the battery, the alarm itself or repairing it, if necessary.

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Doorbell systems

AB Electrical can also help you if your doorbell systems no longer work. This can be due to the chime unit or transformer malfunctioning. Our team is qualified to inspect and solve this for you in no time.

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Fuse panels

Issues with your fuse panels must be solved as soon as possible. Thanks to our emergency services, we can come to inspect the problem as quickly as possible. Some fuse panels may become overloaded, so their circuits will probably need to be repaired.

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Breaker panels

There are various problems you can often see in breaker panels, such as corrosion, improper bonding or missing handle ties. Out of all of the suspected issues, corrosion is probably the most common. But regardless of the issue, our team will have a look and take the necessary action to repair it.

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Aluminium wiring

The team at AB Electrical can recognise aluminium wiring issues, such as burned insulation or warm cover plates. Their experience and knowledge guarantee your aluminium wiring issues will be repaired in no time by re-wiring it or using the copper pig-tailing procedure.

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The company provides various electrical rewiring services if you have any issues with your wires and electrical systems. New installation and repair can be successfully fulfilled.

Flickering lights icon

Flickering lights

There are a number of causes for flickering lights, which usually signal an electrical hazard, so it is vital to deal with it as soon as possible. Flickering lights can happen due to a loose light bulb in the most fortunate cases, or a circuit overload, loose wiring or a change in voltage. So, a professional electrician must be called.

Light fixtures icon

Light fixtures

Light fixtures can present problems, whether the bulb is not installed correctly or the connection to the switch is not made accurately. Regardless of how minor the issue appears to be, it is necessary to call a professional to inspect it. We offer all kinds of light fixtures at affordable prices.

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Exhaust fans and ceiling fans

It is highly necessary to install exhaust and ceiling fans at your property, given that they are effectively removing moisture from the air and reducing fumes from cleaning agents. A ceiling fan also has a cooling effect. Repairing these fans is not a difficult job. For exhaust fans, it is usually a problem with the circuit breaker. We repair any type of issue your exhaust or ceiling fan may present.

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Socket repair

If you have an electrical outlet issue, a professional must be contacted immediately. We can inspect the problem and provide a fitting solution, whether the socket doesn’t supply power due to a tripped circuit breaker or the outlet cover is hot.

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Motion detectors

AB Electrical& Communications deals with motion detectors repairs as well. The cause of this can be low batteries or excessive heat. Regardless of the cause of the problem, we will examine it so we can repair and have your motion detector working in no time.

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Hot water repairs

Hot water systems are among the company’s most common repairs, and we are experienced with these types of issues, so our services provide hot water repairs.

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Home generators

Whether because of battery failure, clogged lines or low coolant, home generators can have various problems. But after a close examination by our team, we can provide electrical solutions to repair your home generator as quickly as possible.

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Electrical outlets

As the primary source of electrical power used both in residential and commercial properties to plug in various appliances or equipment, it may present issues at times. It is essential not to try to solve it by yourself. Our qualified team is experienced enough to repair malfunctioning electrical outlets.

What is the difference between electrical repairs and other electrical services?

Electrical services can mean anything from repairs, new installations, upgrades as well as maintenance services.

So, suppose you need an inspection and regular maintenance of your electrical systems. In that case, whether that is electrical outlets or breaker panels, this means you have to make use of electrical services. At the same time, if any of your electrical systems need an upgrade or you need to install a new hot water system, for example, you must also hire an electrician who can provide these types of services.

On the other hand, if any of your existing electrical systems in your household or business start to malfunction, you will need to hire a reliable and professional company that can provide electrical repairs. Depending on the type of problem, such repairs can be pretty complex.

When would I need to call AB Electrical for an electrical repair?

It is of the utmost importance to call AB Electrical if you have any type of electrical issue. These problems can be extremely dangerous and a hazard to you or the property, as they can cause a fire. Therefore, you shouldn’t try to solve them by yourself. Instead, call AB Electrical as our experienced team know how to examine and repair any electrical problem. So, whether the issue you encounter is related to your electrical outlets, hot water system, fuse and breaker panels or light fixtures, you should immediately call an experienced electrician.


What are the most common household electrical repairs?

Given our 10-year experience in the electrical industry, we have noticed that households deal with some electrical issues more often than others. So, this means that there are certain household electrical repairs we handle more frequently.

Some of the most common household electrical repairs are:

These are some of the most common electrical repairs we have done in various households across Sydney.

Can I perform electrical repairs on my own house?

Under no circumstance should you perform any electrical repairs in your house. Electrical issues can be potentially hazardous and are one of the leading causes of electrical fires. So, as disruptive as it may be, it is highly recommended to contact a professional electrician and a reliable electrical service provider.

Because of how dangerous electrical issues and repairs may be, and because they can happen suddenly,

AB Electrical provides emergency services so that they can solve electrical problems as soon as they appear. This way, our clients don’t see themselves forced to risk getting injured to perform an electrical repair, leaving this job to the professionals.

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Here’s what our satisfied customers are saying

Our past customers express best what the team at AB Electrical is capable of. Their testimonials speak for themselves. So, you may want to see what our satisfied customers are saying.

One of our customers recommended the company thanks to the high-quality work we performed, saying that “it’s not easy to work ten hours straight to upgrade an outdated meter board and fix the tripping issue”. And this is one of more than two hundred 5-star reviews.

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