Electrical Power & Cabling Replacement in Balgowlah, Northern Beaches

What The Client Was After

The client contacted the specialists from AB Electrical & Communications Balgowlah because they noticed water pouring down the wall and feared it would damage the electrical system. Our electricians have relocated the pool equipment to a pillar out of the way and rewired everything to ensure the electrical system poses no danger to the client’s house. 

The Work AB Electrical Completed 

Our electricians evaluated the situation at the client’s residence and figured out that the best solution was to relocate all pool equipment. They next replaced the electrical cabling and power with new ones to ensure the water didn’t affect the wires. The AB Electrical team also installed new w/p enclosures and conduits. 

The Dangers of Electrical Wiring Mixing With Water 

Water and electricity are deeply integrated into our clients’ routines. But if they’re mixed together, they can have catastrophic effects as they can cause fire, injury, or, worse, death in a blink of an eye. The AB Electrical & Communications technicians understand the dangers of water and electricity and immediately intervened to ensure they could prevent such consequences. 

What Happens When Electricity And Water Mix

Fire hazard 

People know that you usually put fires out with water. But not in the case of electrical fires, which would only worsen if they came in contact with water. The mix between water and electrical wiring can become triggered from a couple of sparks to a blazing flame. Suppose water was to enter a live electric outlet, the situation gets even more dangerous because when you plug an appliance, the contact could produce sparks that melt the wires’ insulation or cause an electrical fire. 

Short circuit/appliance damage

Moisture or water in an outlet can damage appliances because water increases the conductive surface area, speeding the current flow into the device and triggering a short circuit. Direct exposure of devices to water can also cause short-circuit because new electrical pathways are created which weren’t supposed to be there. 

Personal harm (electric shock)

Injuries due to electric shock can range from tingly sensations to muscle spasms, cardiac arrest, and burns. The intensity of the current directly impacts the extent of the injuries. 

Signs You Should Replace Old Wiring

Dimming lights

Even in a house with good wiring, lights could dim or flicker occasionally, but if you notice it happening regularly, the electrical wiring might be damaged and need replacing.

Circuit breakers and fuses that keep on tripping

Your circuit breakers can trip due to a circuit overload, short circuit, or ground fault. It’s always recommended to hire a specialist to handle the electrical system when the circuit breakers and fuses trip continually because any malfunction handled wrongly can cause issues.

Buzzing switches and outlets

Buzzing outlets and switches usually signal a potentially dangerous situation. In most cases, they require replacing the outlet. Also, a discoloured or charred outlet switch could mean the electrical damage is located elsewhere. Professional assistance is required in this situation to identify the root cause of the problem.

Switches or outlets that shock

If you feel a tickle or shock when you touch an outlet or switch, it indicates the electrical system is damaged. Generally, it signals that a wire has lost its insulation and is shorting out to the conduit. For safety reasons, call an authorised electrician to inspect it.

Frayed wiring

Electrical wires fray from corrosion, heat or old age. Don’t overlook your home’s internal wiring because frayed or damaged insulation on electrical wires requires an immediate fix.

Hot or vibrating wall outlets

Vibrating or hot wall outlets are a serious cause for worry, and you shouldn’t ignore them. If they feel hot to the touch or start to buzz or hum, it’s recommended to stop using them immediately and call a certified electrician to inspect them.

Burning or odd odours 

When you smell a burning or odd odour close to the electrical system, something is burning and can be dangerous for you and your family. Call a specialist when you smell something electrical burning because it can be challenging to locate the short in the outlet or wiring. 

Contact a qualified electrician immediately if you notice water close to your electrical cables and powerpoints.

Where The Job Was Completed 

Our technicians completed the job at the client’s residence in Balgowlah Heights, NSW.

Who Worked On The Job

We sent three of our best technicians to the location, Benny (tradesman), Sam (tradesman) and Matt (apprentice), to ensure the issue was handled flawlessly.

Electrical Power Cabling Replacement before1

Electrical Power Cabling Replacement before2

Electrical Power Cabling Replacement before3

Electrical Power Cabling Replacement before4

Electrical Power Cabling Replacement after

Electrical Power Cabling Replacement after2

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