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Our team of experts has got you covered! We offer a full spectrum of data cabling services – from installation and replacement to repair and termination. Whether it’s for your home or business, we’re committed to providing you with the perfect data connectivity solutions to keep your systems running at their best.

Data cabling installation services

Get strong and dependable network solutions with our data cable installation services in Sydney. Our experts handle everything from residential NBN setups to commercial projects, making sure your installation process is smooth and easy. We use advanced technology like Cat 6 cables, Ethernet cables, and fibre optic cabling to provide fast internet and phone connections. Stay connected 24/7 with our top-of-the-line services.

Data cabling replacement services

Need data cabling replacement in Sydney? Our skilled installers guarantee seamless and efficient service. We'll easily identify which cables need replacement (due to wear and tear or for better connectivity) to keep your home or business network performing at its peak. Trust us for top-tier data cabling solutions!

Data cabling repair services

If your network is slow or suffering from poor connectivity, don't worry! Our expert team of data cabling technicians in Sydney is here to help. We offer prompt repair services for any network or cable issue, including faulty Ethernet cables. We know how important it is to have a reliable network, and we are dedicated to delivering efficient and effective solutions to get you up and running in no time. Trust us to tackle any issue and improve your network's performance.

Upgrading existing data cabling to meet current standards

Stay ahead of the technological curve by upgrading your data cabling system. Our experts specialize in designing and implementing top-notch solutions for both home and business networks. From high-bandwidth Cat6 and Cat6a to secure Cat7 cabling for enhanced camera functionality, we've got you covered. Contact us today to ensure you're up-to-date with the latest standards.

Data cabling termination services

Our skilled installers are experts at terminating Ethernet and network cables to ensure a seamless and efficient connection. Plus, rest easy knowing our ACMA-accredited cablers strictly adhere to industry standards, delivering peace of mind with every installation. Choose AB Electrical for all your data cabling needs!

Our Clients

AB Electrical in Sydney offers top-notch data cabling services customized for clients with varying requirements. We prioritize our clients and their satisfaction is a testament to our success. Join our roster of happy clients and experience exceptional results.


Stay connected with our top-tier data cabling services in Sydney. In today's digital age, having a strong home network is essential. Whether you're working from home, streaming movies or gaming, our expert electricians specialize in installing, upgrading and repairing residential data cabling. We offer tailored solutions for NBN connectivity and structured cabling for new homes, ensuring you stay connected. Count on our 10+ years of experience to provide reliable data cable installation services for your home. Choose us for peace of mind and seamless connectivity.

New construction projects

Our team works closely with developers, architects, and builders to create scalable, efficient network infrastructures. With the latest technology and adherence to Australian standards, our data cabling technicians guarantee top transmission speeds and minimal downtime. Trust us for end-to-end solutions on any project, whether it’s a single house or multi-story development.

Small, medium and large businesses

A reliable network is essential for any successful business in this digital age. We specialize in business networks and offer data cabling services in Sydney that are trusted by many businesses. Our solutions include CAT6 data, ethernet cables, fibre connectivity, and server rack installation to enhance productivity and seamless file sharing. Get in touch for a free quote and experience why so many businesses trust us with their data cabling needs.

Types of Data Cabling

Data cabling is essential in our hyperconnected world. It’s what keeps your home or business connected and your data transmitting. We’re Sydney’s top data cable installers and we specialize in customizing data cabling solutions for both residential and commercial settings. Our services include Cat5e, Cat6, fibre optic, and coaxial cabling. Let’s explore these options together.

Cat5e Data Cabling

With speeds up to 1 Gigabit per second, it's the perfect fit for most home network needs. Our expert installers guarantee seamless service and top-notch performance. We serve both residential and commercial customers throughout Sydney, keeping up with the latest tech standards.

Cat6 Data Cabling

When it comes to fast and reliable network infrastructure, businesses turn to Cat6 data cabling. With the ability to support up to 10 Gigabits per second, it's perfect for companies with heavy data usage, like media streaming and file sharing across multiple devices. Our team of professional data cable installers is well-versed in the specific cabling needs of businesses. We provide customized Cat6 data cable installation services to meet those needs. Let us help you get connected.

ibre Optic Cabling

Experience lightning-fast data transmission over long distances with fiber optic cabling. Perfect for large businesses, data centers, and NBN connections, our expert Sydney-based installers have you covered. Rest easy knowing your data will never be interrupted by electromagnetic interference with our immune fiber optic cables. Trust in the power and reliability of fiber optics for your next data installation.

Coaxial Cabling

Get high-quality, reliable television signals and internet connections with expert coaxial cabling services from our team of data cable installers in Sydney. As a trusted provider, we offer installation, repair, and upgrade services to support your home theatre system or CCTV network. Eliminate the hassle when it comes to your connection – let us assist you today.

Benefits of Professional Data Cabling Installation

Our team of professional installers has the expertise and experience needed to build and maintain a robust, secure network infrastructure for both homes and businesses. Whether you’re establishing a new home network or setting up a data centre, we’ll make sure your installation meets upmost industry standards. Contact us today to learn more!

Faster and more reliable network connections

Our professional data cabling services in Sydney specialize in structured cabling solutions. With high bandwidth capabilities, our cabling system supports fast data transmission and multiple device connections without any lag or slowdown. Whether you're gaming, streaming media, or doing file sharing, our expertly installed network cables guarantee a smooth and uninterrupted internet experience.

Improved security and data protection

Protecting your network is our #1 priority. Our skilled data cable installers use the latest tech to provide secure installation services, effectively reducing the risk of data breaches. Book one to implement the finest data cabling solutions when setting up your CCTV or security camera system, keeping your data safe and confidential.

Scalability and flexibility for future growth

Structured cabling offers unparalleled scalability for your home or business network. Whether you need to add new data points, upgrade to NBN, or expand Ethernet cables for improved connectivity, our services in Sydney can accommodate every need. What's more, we're available around the clock to ensure your network stays optimal at all times. Trust us to keep you connected as you grow and evolve.

Reduced downtime and network issues

Our data cable installers are experts with ACMA accreditation to assure top-quality work. We minimize network disruptions – like faulty wiring or poor terminations – by ensuring the correct setup. We can also design and install entire cabling systems, telephone line, and hubs in a central location for easy fixes, decreasing potential downtime. Trust us for swift and reliable data cable installation.

Areas in Sydney We Service

We specialise in both residential and commercial data cabling, providing unbeatable installation services throughout Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and beyond. Whether you need a home network upgrade or data cabling for your business, our skilled electricians have got you covered. Get a free no obligation quote and experience the difference our professional services can make!

Contact the Professionals Today 

Our team of skilled technicians is available round-the-clock to provide reliable cabling for your home and ensure your network is up and running. Get a free, no-obligation quote or learn more about our solutions by scheduling a consultation through our online booking system. Trust our specialists can design your data cabling needs and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with working with experienced professionals.

Common Questions About Data Cabling

Upgrade your home or business network’s performance with data cabling. This structured cabling network enables smooth data transmission, file sharing, media streaming, and device connectivity from a central location. Don’t let slow connectivity and bandwidth issues hold you back. Invest in proper data cabling for seamless internet connection.
Discover the ideal cabling system for your business with our expert guidance. Whether you need data transmitted quickly and reliably with Ethernet cables like Cat 6, Cat 6a, or Cat 7, we can create a tailored solution based on your specific needs. Trust us to design and implement a cabling system that maximizes your network performance and supports your daily operations.
Get a precise timeline for your data cable installation from our skilled team. The duration varies based on the extent and intricacy of a project. Small home network setups are finished in just one day, but considerable commercial schemes could take longer. Count on us to evaluate your requirements and deliver reliable estimates.
Did you know that data cabling can be installed in an existing building? You don’t have to worry about starting from scratch- our team of qualified cablers has extensive experience in retrofitting structured cabling systems in both residential and commercial settings. From simple installations to complete network upgrades, we’re here to make sure your data cabling needs are met efficiently with the latest technology.

Our Testimonials

Adam did a fantastic and efficient job installing my outdoor lights. He was on time, polite and worked in a professional manner. Highly recommend his electrical services.

-- Chris Duong
Great service. Adam arrived straight away, was great to deal with, clean and fixed the my power issues. Will definitely use him again.

- Emma Jobson
Adam and local electrical crew installed my two light fans recently and were complete professionals. Prompt, courteous and tidy, it’s refreshing to meet an electrical contractor who is so passionate about his work. I will definitely be using him again and I thoroughly recommend his company - AB Electricians Sydney.

- Don Divinan
Adam has done a fantastic job on our 1904 federation home renovation. He is a good communicater, always courteous, a great problem solver and went above and beyond the call of duty. He is a pleasure to have in our home and comes highly recommended for all Sydney electrical services.

- Joanna Kelly
Not just great at his job but also a lovely person. Thanks for all the electrical jobs and more that you’ve done around the house for us. I’d highly recommend your services to anyone needing a local reliable electrician.

- Megan Lui
Perfect service, Adam turned up exactly when he said and carried out the works perfectly. Definitely be using AB Electrical in the future.

- Davey Jeffrey
Adam is a true professional and I would highly recommended him. Not only does he listen to what you need done, he goes the extra mile to achieve your desired results. Adam is very friendly and on time and his rates are very reasonable. I will be using Adam for all my electrical solutions from now on.

- Sasha Coxon
Adam came highly recommended and I couldn’t agree more - very knowledgeable, approachable and honest guy who was able to install what was necessary quickly. His rates are very fair, and kept in contact with any issues I was having following the visit. Cannot recommend enough and will definitely be using his expertise again!

- Dominic Byrne
Adam arrived on time and was very efficient. He gathered all necessary equipment and successfully completed all the jobs. I loved his recommendations about garden lighting too. Highly recommended for both big and little electrical jobs.

- Rosemary McDonald
Had two ceiling fans installed, nice and friendly service, great job!

- Roshan Sukhla
Adam is very reliable, friendly & provides an exceptional professional service

- Alese Troussas
PCYC North Sydney has been using AB Electrical for over a year now, for all club maintenance, compliance and fire/emergency work. Extremely professional, reliable and amazing attention to detail. It's refreshing to see an electrician that is as passionate about their work as Adam.

- Curtis Busseler
Great response and service. This electrician is very knowledgeable and works quickly. Was very happy with the install. Thanks again.

- donut the square
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