LED Strip Lighting Installation in Bondi, Eastern Suburbs, NSW

LED strip lights are used in various residential projects due to efficiency, colour options, and brightness. And they’re growing even more popular now that they can be customised to match specific requirements. LED strip lights can be tailor-made for any colour as preferred. Unfortunately, they’re not as simple to install as traditional incandescent light bulbs. Improper wiring increases the chances of an electrical fire, so working with a licensed electrician is crucial.  

AB Electrical Eastern Suburbs can help with the optimal placement of the lights. We’ll keep the project on time and within budget. For years, AB Electrical & Communications has been a trusted name in Sydney, addressing the electrical needs of our clients. Our professionals have the required skills and know-how to offer a comprehensive installation service. Reliable, steady, and trustworthy, our installation experts can handle small- and large-scale projects alike. 

What Was the Client After?

A client reached out to tell us they wanted a simple yet versatile lighting solution for their clothing cupboard. We instantly proposed a custom LED strip light installation to improve efficiency in daily organisation and selection of clothes. On completion, they were delighted with the result. 

Why LED Lighting Solutions Are So Popular

LED strip lights have quickly become the go-to technology. Many influencers have used them to add a splash of vivid colour and comfort to their bedrooms. With LED lighting, the possibilities are endless. No matter what area of the home you’re sprucing up, consider using LED strip lights. Here are the top advantages of LED lighting, listed based on their importance. 

  • Highly energy-efficient –LEDs use at least 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs. They can be left on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There’s no need to spend money on maintenance, tools, or lighting fixtures. 
  • There are a variety of lighting options to choose from, so you can set the mood for any room. Many different types of LED strip lights have been created over the years.  LEDs can be used to brighten dark corners. It looks as if the accent lighting has been expensively custom-made.
  • Long life span. LED strip lights last up to 25 years. The lights are designed to withstand harsh conditions. How long the LED solutions last depends on installation, the products used, and how often you have them on. 
  • Less heat generation. LED strip lights produce less heat. The cooler the environment, the higher the LED’s output. Most of the energy goes into producing light, not heat. Because there’s no danger of catching fire, LED lights are safer. 
  • Environmentally friendly. LEDs are less of a concern than incandescent bulbs. The low electrical needs of the LED strip lights keep power costs down. They convert 95% of their energy into light, so only 5% is wasted as heat. As the lighting solutions don’t contain toxic compounds, they can be recycled. 
  • Customisable options. LED strip lights can be customised to fit your desired space. If you want a certain colour, you got it. Also, the LED lights can be made in a specific pattern. 
  • Cost-efficient. LED strip lights are cheap to run and guzzle up less electricity than incandescent lighting. You don’t have to worry about buying LEDs anytime soon. 

What Work Was Completed?

To make the electrical installation process go as smoothly as possible, we drilled through the cupboard at precise locations to run ELV wiring, making sure not to go too deep. Next, we cut the strip to length, peeled off the backing, and got the cabling out of sight for a clean, safe result. 

It wasn’t possible to connect the LED strip lights to the mains power supply directly, so we had to run electricity from a nearby room, using cavities to hide and conceal cabling. Also, we wired the switch controlling the lights back to the main switch plate at room entry. 

Finally, we installed the LED strip lights in durable, lightweight aluminium extrusions to provide a stylish and finished look. The LED aluminium profiles were 5 metres long. We used countersink screws to fix them in place. 

AB Electrical & Communications Can Assist You in Choosing the Right LED Lighting Option for Your Home 

Here at AB Electrical & Communications, we ensure clients walk away with a good impression. If you need help selecting the perfect LED lights for you and your space, you can count on us. You can call us at any time on (02) 9061 7060. 

Where Was the Job Completed?

The intervention took place at our client’s home in Bondi Junction, Sydney. Bondi Junction is in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, the 5th largest business district behind the CBD.  

Who Worked on The Job?

Benny, our dexterous tradesman, completed the project with great dedication.

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Custom LED Strip Lighting Installation Sydney after img
After Photo

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