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    Why choose AB Electrical for your commercial electrical needs
    At AB Electrical, we offer complete commercial electrical services to organisations across Sydney. No matter if you’re running a start-up or corporation, our experts can provide you with the needed information and resources to make an educated decision on what services to choose.
    AB electricians are highly trained in an extensive range of electrical issues, from emergency repair to new circuit installations, programmed maintenance, RCD testing, and many other commercial services. Our technicians understand that an electrical fault such as a disrupted power supply can prove troublesome for an organisation. AB Electrical is available 24/7 for emergency callouts, and our experts can reach any Sydney area, meaning that we’ll dispatch someone to your site as soon as possible.

    AB Electrical’s experience as a commercial electrician and why you should choose them as a contractor

    With over 10 years of experience in the sector, we know what our clients expect from a commercial electrician. AB Electrical is the contractor of choice for several brands in Sydney and provides expert electrical support to numerous start-ups. The organisations working with our company benefit from fast response time, personalised services, and utmost respect. We consider each project to be as important as the next, whether we perform a small or large job and promise to pay the highest attention to every detail.
    AB Electrical experts are exceptionally proficient at completing their jobs, and therefore they always provide quality work for each client. Our technicians work consistently and diligently to provide our corporate clients with the best services possible. Our response times are quick, and we keep a respectful and courteous attitude.
    AB Electrical will exceed your expectations because we deliver high-quality services at affordable prices.
    commercial electrician Sydney
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    Why AB Electrical stands out from the other contractors within the industry when it comes to commercial works

    AB Electrical is aware that a delay in services would translate to a loss in revenue for our corporate clients in the present fast-paced world. What makes us different from our competitors is that we complete all electrical work efficiently the first-time round. We strive to quickly resolve all commercial electrical problems and have our clients back in business ASAP.
    We’re proud to offer commercial electrical services to newly constructed, existing, and renovated facilities. All our technicians are licensed, skilled, insured, and have extensive knowledge to complete any commercial electrical work. Our team works efficiently and cost-effectively to meet our clients’ specialised needs.
    AB Electrical is familiar with all kinds of commercial electrical projects and could serve businesses from any sector.
    Why you can trust AB Electrical to deliver quality results on time
    AB Electrical has extensive experience working with commercial clients and can keep your business up and running if you experience electrical emergencies. Whether you deal with an issue that threatens your production or want to upgrade your facility’s electrical system, you can count on our expertise and experience to help you out. As an electrical service provider, we specialise in various commercial and industrial electrician services to meet your needs.
    As a diversified electrical services provider, AB Electrical works with both commercial and industrial organisations and provides services such as installation, upgrade, repair, remodelling, renovation, replacement, and troubleshooting. All projects are completed by certified electricians who have undergone extensive training in the sector.
    What previous clients have said
    We would like to thank our commercial clients for trusting us with their electrical projects. At AB Electrical, commercial customers reach out to our team of technicians for emergency and maintenance work requests alike. We happily handle all of them!
    Check below to read testimonials from our previous clients and find out the kind of experience AB Electrical provides.
    Commercial Electrical Services
    Electrical office repairs
    Regular electrical office repairs and maintenance are essential for workplace safety and for preventing potential hazards. Older buildings may require more frequent electrical maintenance, assessments, and checks, and our electricians own the needed skills to handle such work.
    Commercial emergency services
    AB Electrical provides 24/7 commercial emergency services to keep electricity flowing in your facilities. If you’re dealing with an electrical problem, you have no time to waste, so contact our experts to tackle it.
    Office data cabling
    Our technicians work out of your business hours to install or repair electrical office data cabling without disrupting your workplace. Having reliable electrical and data cabling for your company that allows you to run your business successfully is crucial.
    Structured cabling design and installation
    AB Electrical’s team of electricians have over 10 years of experience in the field of structured cable. They can design, install and maintain your cabling system and ensure it functions properly.
    Programmed maintenance
    Our electricians cover an extensive range of electrical maintenance services. If you have a programmed electrical maintenance service upcoming, don’t hesitate to contact us.
    Thermal imaging
    If you need to hire thermal imaging services, AB Electrical can come to your help, as our technicians are specialised in operating modern equipment. Thermal imaging services is a standard method of testing your electrical system’s safety, so don’t neglect it.
    RCD testing
    You should never compromise on building safety. Ensure that your RCDs function properly by checking them regularly. Keep your business facility safe and compliant.
    Exit and emergency light testing
    It’s crucial to test your exit and emergency light to ensure that your business has clear exit paths in case of emergencies. AB Electrical offers complete exit and emergency light testing for commercial clients
    Test & tag
    Do you want to hire test and tag services? AB Electrical offers professional test & tag services in Sydney for businesses of all sizes to help you minimise the risk of an electrical hazard that could trigger structural damage to your electrical equipment.
    Energy efficient lighting upgrades
    By upgrading to energy efficient lighting solutions, you can reduce energy consumption and save business resources. Contact our skilled electricians to retrofit your current lighting with energy efficient solutions!
    Shop fitouts
    AB Electrical can help you ensure your building is functional, organised, and safe by providing shop fitting across small and large spaces. We use fittings, fixtures, and equipment to bring your planned shop to life in a way that matches your needs.
    New circuit installations
    AB Electrical provides new circuit installation for commercial and industrial clients in Sydney, Australia. If you want to install an electrical circuit or replace the old one, contact our specialists to assist you.
    Complete office fitouts
    Our team of skilled electricians offers complete office fitouts for commercial clients. AB Electrical specialises in all kinds of electrical fitouts and refurbishments, including design, repair, and renovation.
    24/7 Emergency Electrician

    Areas We Service

    What is the difference between an Industrial Electrician and a Commercial Electrician?
    Depending on their skills and job focus, there are several kinds of electricians. While some handle residential projects, others work for industrial or commercial clients. Before hiring an electrician to solve your electrical issues, you should know the difference between a commercial and industrial technician. While the two professions seem similar on the surface, they focus on different topics.
    An electrician handles industrial repairs and maintains and checks electrical equipment. They usually serve mines, plants, factories, and other businesses that require advanced expertise and education. Industrial electricians can complete various jobs, focusing on pneumatic, hydraulic, and similar operating machinery. Their role is to keep large factories operating and ensure all machinery functions properly without putting the workforce to risk.
    The most common jobs they handle are:

    Maintaining and repairing electrical equipment

    Troubleshooting electrical devices and systems

    Installing electrical systems

    A commercial electrician handles maintenance, repair, and safety checks in commercial facilities. They can design, upgrade, and repair electrical systems customised to match the clients’ needs. Commercial electricians serve a broad range of clients from all industries. The average commercial electrician works for organisations that need assistance for medium to large facilities such as restaurants, stores, shopping malls, and government buildings.
    The most common jobs they handle are:

    Installing and updating electrical systems to match national and local guidelines

    Designing electrical systems or improving existing plans

    Installing electrical components or security alarm systems

    Maintaining and repairing HVAC systems

    Installing new electrical equipment or repairing an existing one.

    Variety of Electrical Tools
    What to look for in an Electrician when undertaking commercial jobs
    You need a professional electrician to handle your electrical issues. This is due to safety and the need to ensure they do the job right the first time and in line with the local code. If you want a properly working and safe electrical system in your building, hiring an expert is essential.
    Here is what qualities to look for in an electrician:

    Electrical trade experience and licensing

    Commercial electrical work is more complex than residential, and a specialised and trained technician needs to do it. Commercial electrical systems are unique, as they match the building’s features and needs, so your electrician should have relevant experience working in similar conditions.

    Comprehensive service

    Installing your electrical system isn’t a one-time job. Commercial facilities need extensive care and maintenance, especially if your business needs change and evolve. It would help if you had a commercial electrician who could do more than install electrical equipment. They should be able to upgrade and repair or replace any commercial electrical system and machinery.

    Compliance with the governing licensing

    It’s crucial for your electrician to know the local regulations and design and install your electrical system accordingly. AB Electrical is up-to-date with the latest governing licensing and guarantees that all electrical projects match the local regulations.

    Insurance and licensing

    As a business owner, you most likely have a particular amount of liability you have to insure. This also goes for the electrical technicians who service your systems and machinery. It’s paramount and legally required for electricians to have insurance and licensing, no matter if they undertake residential or commercial projects. AB Electrical guarantees that our insurance policy covers any accident that may happen on the job site.

    Positive customer reviews

    To find out more about the services the electrician you want to hire offers, read their customer testimonials. AB Electrical has a dedicated page where you can check out our customer reviews and learn more about our past projects.

    AB Electricals’ commitment to clients
    As commercial electricians, we specialise in a wide range of services to meet and exceed our clients’ needs. Our team of licensed technicians is committed to offering prompt, reliable, and high-quality services to businesses. We promise not only to complete the projects on time but also to deliver the expected result. We also offer 24/7 emergency electrical services, so our clients can rely on us when they need professional assistance the most.
    AB Electricals can handle all kinds of electrical problems. No matter if our commercial clients contract us for pre-engineered electrical systems or want us to design and install new solutions, we have plenty of experience to deliver a flawless service. Before providing a quote for the job, one of our specialists will visit the site to determine what needs to be done to ensure we miss nothing.

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