Chandelier Installation in Lavender Bay, Lower North Shore NSW

Chandeliers add character to a home and increase its value. But their installation is more often than not challenging, so it is not recommended to do it yourself; instead, you should hire a professional electrician to help with the hustle and bustle. AB Electrical North Shore provides customers with a wide range of electrical services in Sydney, from repairs and maintenance to upgrades and installations, so we can professionally handle all your electrical needs.

What the Client Was After

One of our clients asked us to install four new chandeliers in their house, among which three were large and one medium-sized. Our competent electricians have vast experience in handling all kinds of lighting fixture installations, for both residential and commercial properties across Sydney, so we dispatched a team to our client’s location to complete the project. 

The Work That Was Completed 

Chandeliers are enticing lighting fixtures that can increase a home’s value, but their installation is not a piece of cake, especially if we have to change the ceiling support. This usually happens when the chandelier you want to install is heavier than the former lighting fixture. In order to install the four chandeliers on our client’s property, we took the following steps: 

1. We made sure the correct structural support was in place

It is crucial to ensure the new chandelier has the right support so no unpleasant surprise occurs later. If the actual support does not fit the new lighting fixture, it may be required to be removed. Since chandeliers are heavy light fixtures, we installed sturdy braces to support each chandelier’s weight. 

2. We altered / personalised ceiling rose for the base plate to be safe flush

We then customized the ceiling rose in order to provide a secure flush base plate. 

3. We dressed the chandelier

After we attached the chandelier following all the steps involved – assembling the base, installing a mounting strip to the mounting box, and wiring the fixture – we proceeded to dress the chandelier. This involved installing bulbs, placing prisms, and cleaning the piece. 

4. We ensured that the fixtures were installed correctly

Once the dressing was complete, we turned on the power and checked to see if the fixtures were properly installed.  

How To Know if a Chandelier Is the Right Size for a Room?

The dazzle and sparkle of a chandelier can breathe new life into a living space, but in order to do that, it needs to fit the room. So, how can you tell if your lighting fixture is the right size for an area? There are several factors to take into consideration when choosing a chandelier. 

First, you have to look at the size of the room. You’ll need to measure the length and width of the space, add the two figures together and then convert the result into inches. That will give you the ideal diameter of the lighting fixture for each room. to make things simpler, you can follow these basic rules:

  • For rooms smaller than 10′ x 10′, the perfect chandelier size is between 17″ to 20″ 
  • For rooms that measure 12′ x 12′, the chandelier should be between 22″ to 27″ wide
  • For rooms around 14′ x 14′, you should opt for a 24″ to 32″ wide chandelier

You can also divide the room into several functional or conversational areas with the help of a table. Half of the table width can serve as the chandelier diameter guideline. If you have a rectangular table, feel free to select a rectangular chandelier.

AB Electrical Can Install a New Lighting Point

The absence of a lighting point can constitute a real problem when you want to install a chandelier, whether in your house or commercial space. Fortunately, there’s an easy fix for that – AB Electrical’s team of skilled technicians can address the problem right away by installing a new lighting point on your property, and then help with chandelier installation as well. 

Where the Job Was Completed 

The project was completed at our client’s location in Lavender Bay NSW 2060, Australia.

Who Worked On the Job

The team that worked on the project consisted of: 

Benny – Tradesman

Sam – Tradesman

Matt – Apprentice

Photos of the installation

Chandelier Installation 1
Chandelier Installation

Chandelier Installation 2
Chandelier Installation

Chandelier Installation 3
Chandelier Installation

Chandelier Installation 4
Chandelier Installation

Chandelier Installation 5
Chandelier Installation

Chandelier Installation 6
Chandelier Installation

Chandelier Installation 7
Chandelier Installation

Chandelier Installation 8
Chandelier Installation

Chandelier Installation 9
Chandelier Installation

Chandelier Installation 10
Chandelier Installation

Chandelier Installation 11
Chandelier Installation

Chandelier Installation 12
Chandelier Installation

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