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Welcome to AB Electrical & Communications, your reliable CCTV installation specialists in Sydney. With a range of CCTV security products, from individual security cameras to comprehensive 4-camera systems, we’re dedicated to providing a security solution that caters to your needs. Whether it’s for your home or business, our professional installation team will provide you with peace of mind, knowing that you are protected by a quality CCTV system.

Professional Security Camera Installation Services in Sydney

Our experienced installers provide professional security camera installation services across Sydney. We understand the importance of having a robust security system installed on your property. We’re experts in installing a variety of CCTV security cameras, ensuring you receive the best security solution for your unique needs.

Whether you’re looking to install a security camera for the first time or upgrade an existing security system, our team will guide you through every step of the installation process. We cater to a wide range of security needs, from home CCTV systems to business security setups, delivering an affordable CCTV solution without compromising on quality or effectiveness.

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Security Camera System Selection

We offer a broad range of CCTV security products to fit your unique security needs. From Swann security to IP CCTV and 4 camera systems, we have the latest security camera technology that delivers high-quality CCTV footage.

Our team will work with you, understand your security needs, and help you choose the right security cameras. Whether you need security cameras for a small residential setup or a large commercial premise, we’ll ensure you get the best CCTV camera system for your needs.

We pride ourselves in offering top-rated CCTV systems that deliver exceptional security and peace of mind. Our selection process is customer-centric, ensuring that we understand your needs and match them with the best security camera brands available in the market.

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Commercial Security Systems Installation

Safeguarding your business is a top priority, and our commercial security solutions are designed to offer maximum protection. We provide commercial CCTV installation services in Sydney, specialising in a variety of security solutions, from camera surveillance to alarm systems and more.

Our team of security experts can install CCTV systems that allow you to monitor your business premises effectively, providing valuable peace of mind. From the initial quote to installation, we offer seamless service, ensuring your commercial security needs are met with professional and reliable CCTV installation.

Whether it’s integrating a new CCTV system into your existing security setup or upgrading your current CCTV solutions, our team is adept at handling all commercial installation requirements. We understand the dynamics of different businesses and offer a customised security solution that suits your commercial environment.

Each of our installed security systems comes with a professional walkthrough, ensuring you understand your system’s functionality and features. Our aim is to make the installation process as easy as possible, providing our clients with a reliable and efficient security system.

Residential Security Camera Installation

At AB Electrical & Communications, we are committed to keeping your home safe with our residential security camera installation services. Our home CCTV systems are designed to provide maximum security, ensuring you and your loved ones can feel safe at all times.

Whether you need a 4 camera system for broader coverage or specific cameras for targeted areas, our team of experts will provide a tailored solution to suit your home security needs. We work with some of the best security camera brands in the market to deliver quality and reliable CCTV solutions.

From traditional wired CCTV systems to the latest IP CCTV solutions, our team is capable of installing a security system that matches your needs and budget. We make it easy for you to monitor your property from anywhere, giving you peace of mind whether you’re at home or away.

Expert CCTV Installation Process

We pride ourselves on our expert CCTV installation process, from the initial quote to installation and beyond. Here’s how it works:


We start by understanding your specific security needs, whether it's for your home or business. This involves discussing your security concerns, evaluating your property and recommending the best CCTV camera system to meet your needs.


After understanding your needs, we provide an upfront and transparent quote for the installation services. Our quotes include the cost of the CCTV system, installation charges, and any other related expenses.


Once you approve the quote, our professional installers will schedule a convenient time to install your CCTV system. Our team ensures the installation is done efficiently and minimally disrupts your daily activities.


After installing the security camera system, our team will provide a comprehensive demonstration of how to use the system effectively. This ensures you understand how to monitor and maintain your CCTV system for the best results.


Our job doesn't end after installation. We offer ongoing support and maintenance services to keep your CCTV system functioning at its best.

CCTV Camera Repair and Maintenance

Regular maintenance and timely repair are key to ensuring your CCTV camera system continues to provide the security you need. Our expert team is adept at handling all sorts of CCTV camera repair and maintenance tasks, including fixing issues with camera surveillance, image quality, recording and more.

From simple fixes to more complex repairs, we cover it all. In addition to repairs, we also provide regular maintenance checks to ensure your CCTV system is working optimally. This involves checking the functionality of each camera, the recording equipment, the power supply, and any connected systems.

Our repair and maintenance services also extend to customer-supplied security systems, ensuring that regardless of where your system was purchased, you can trust us with its care.

Whether it’s your residential home CCTV or commercial security system, you can count on AB Electrical & Communications to provide the professional repair and maintenance services you need.

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Why Choose Us as Your CCTV Installation Specialists?

Choosing AB Electrical & Communications as your CCTV installation specialists comes with numerous benefits:

Experienced Team

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, our team has the expertise to handle a range of security installation projects, ensuring you receive top-quality work every time.

Custom Solutions

We understand that every home and business has unique security needs. Our team takes the time to understand your specific requirements and tailors a solution that fits your needs and budget.

Transparent Pricing

We believe in honesty and transparency. From the initial quote to installation, we provide clear pricing with no hidden charges.

Quality Products

We only work with the best security camera brands to ensure you receive a high-quality, reliable CCTV system.

Excellent Customer Service

We strive to provide excellent customer service at every step of the installation process, from initial consultation to after-sales support.

Customer Supplied Security Solutions img

Customer Supplied Security Solutions

At AB Electrical & Communications, we respect our customer’s choices and preferences. If you’ve already purchased a CCTV system and are looking for professional installation services, we’re here to help. Our team can install customer-supplied security solutions with the same level of expertise and professionalism as we would with our own product range. We’ll ensure your system is installed properly for optimal functionality.

Types of CCTV Cameras We Install

We specialise in the installation of a wide range of CCTV cameras, including:

Dome CCTV Cameras

These cameras are commonly used for indoor security and surveillance applications. They are named for their dome-like shape and are designed to be unobtrusive but visible.

Bullet CCTV Cameras

These are long and cylindrical, ideal for outdoor use. Their design makes them an excellent deterrent as they are easily visible.

IP CCTV Cameras

These cameras record in high definition and can be accessed remotely, allowing you to view live footage from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Infrared/night vision CCTV Cameras

These cameras can record in low light conditions, providing security even in the dark.

Wireless CCTV Cameras

These cameras are easy to install and relocate, providing flexible security solutions.

High-Tech Security Camera Systems

In line with our commitment to delivering the latest in security solutions, we offer high-tech security camera systems that integrate advanced features such as motion detection, remote monitoring, and high-definition recording.

Our systems come with user-friendly interfaces, making it easy for you to monitor your property, review footage, and manage settings. Whether you’re looking for a simple 4 camera system for your small business or a comprehensive multi-camera setup for a larger commercial property, we have the knowledge and expertise to get the job done.

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Emergency CCTV Installation Services

At AB Electrical & Communications, we understand that security is a pressing concern. That’s why we offer emergency CCTV installation services for those times when you need a security solution as soon as possible. Whether it’s due to a recent security incident or you’ve just moved into a new property, our team is ready and equipped to provide swift, efficient installation services. We ensure your CCTV system is up and running quickly, providing you with peace of mind in no time.
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Cost-Effective CCTV Security Solutions

When it comes to securing your property, we believe that quality should not be compromised by cost. We strive to provide cost-effective CCTV security solutions that don’t break the bank. From selecting the best security camera brands that offer both affordability and reliability to presenting various installation options that fit within your budget, we aim to provide a security solution that meets your needs. Whether it’s a simple 4 camera system for a small property or a complex network of cameras for larger premises, we can deliver high-quality CCTV solutions that are pocket-friendly.

Enhance Your Property’s Security with a Professionally Installed CCTV System

Investing in a professionally installed CCTV  security system can significantly enhance your property’s security. Not only does it act as a deterrent for potential intruders, but it also provides valuable evidence in the unfortunate event of a security breach. At AB Electrical & Communications, our CCTV camera installation specialists are adept at identifying the best locations for camera placement, ensuring maximum coverage and optimum security.

With our high-tech security camera systems, you can keep an eye on your property from anywhere, at any time. Paired with features like motion detection and night vision, our CCTV systems provide comprehensive security that you can rely on. Our professional installation guarantees that your CCTV system will function as effectively as possible, providing the peace of mind you need.

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Our Testimonials

Adam did a fantastic and efficient job installing my outdoor lights. He was on time, polite and worked in a professional manner. Highly recommend his electrical services.

-- Chris Duong
Great service. Adam arrived straight away, was great to deal with, clean and fixed the my power issues. Will definitely use him again.

- Emma Jobson
Adam and local electrical crew installed my two light fans recently and were complete professionals. Prompt, courteous and tidy, it’s refreshing to meet an electrical contractor who is so passionate about his work. I will definitely be using him again and I thoroughly recommend his company - AB Electricians Sydney.

- Don Divinan
Adam has done a fantastic job on our 1904 federation home renovation. He is a good communicater, always courteous, a great problem solver and went above and beyond the call of duty. He is a pleasure to have in our home and comes highly recommended for all Sydney electrical services.

- Joanna Kelly
Not just great at his job but also a lovely person. Thanks for all the electrical jobs and more that you’ve done around the house for us. I’d highly recommend your services to anyone needing a local reliable electrician.

- Megan Lui
Perfect service, Adam turned up exactly when he said and carried out the works perfectly. Definitely be using AB Electrical in the future.

- Davey Jeffrey
Adam is a true professional and I would highly recommended him. Not only does he listen to what you need done, he goes the extra mile to achieve your desired results. Adam is very friendly and on time and his rates are very reasonable. I will be using Adam for all my electrical solutions from now on.

- Sasha Coxon
Adam came highly recommended and I couldn’t agree more - very knowledgeable, approachable and honest guy who was able to install what was necessary quickly. His rates are very fair, and kept in contact with any issues I was having following the visit. Cannot recommend enough and will definitely be using his expertise again!

- Dominic Byrne
Adam arrived on time and was very efficient. He gathered all necessary equipment and successfully completed all the jobs. I loved his recommendations about garden lighting too. Highly recommended for both big and little electrical jobs.

- Rosemary McDonald
Had two ceiling fans installed, nice and friendly service, great job!

- Roshan Sukhla
Adam is very reliable, friendly & provides an exceptional professional service

- Alese Troussas
PCYC North Sydney has been using AB Electrical for over a year now, for all club maintenance, compliance and fire/emergency work. Extremely professional, reliable and amazing attention to detail. It's refreshing to see an electrician that is as passionate about their work as Adam.

- Curtis Busseler
Great response and service. This electrician is very knowledgeable and works quickly. Was very happy with the install. Thanks again.

- donut the square
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