CCTV Installation on Riley St, Surry Hills Eastern Suburbs

Knowing that you have a CCTV system installed by AB Electrical Surry Hills professionals goes quite some way to putting your mind at rest about the safety of your home and family.

Why people are choosing to have electricians install home security systems

A home security system offers protection for your loved ones and property, as well as peace of mind. While burglary rates have dropped more than 6%, it’s still a natural reflex to protect what we love, no matter what statistics say. Obvious signs of an alarm system and an outdoor camera for video surveillance have been effective in deterring an intruder, whose crime is often one of opportunism.  

So, whether you want to monitor the perimeter of your home or keep an eye on your pets while you’re away, having a CCTV system installed in your Sydney home can allow you to do that at will. You can monitor your home from anywhere on your phone, tablet, or laptop whenever you wish to, in case you suspect something. 

You can also lower your home insurance rates by around 5-15% by simply adding CCTV cameras around your property which adds to one of the many benefits. The safer a home can get, the lower your home insurance premiums will be.

Even better, you have a fully licensed and trustworthy local team of electricians in Sydney for CCTV solutions in homes, shops, office buildings, and warehouses. 

With AB Electrical, you will gain peace of mind by securing your home with a monitoring system WITHOUT spending a fortune on professional monitoring services. 

What the client was after

Did you know? 70% of burglars access homes through the front door, while the other 30% use windows as entry points. This is reason enough for homeowners to protect their properties during working hours or days when they’re not at home.

Our client, located in Riley St, Surry Hills, specifically requested hardwired security cameras pointing towards main routes of entry and all angles of their property. After reviewing the situation and presenting insightful advice on the best camera and alarm system options, we dispatched our team to his location to proceed with installing the CCTV system.

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CCTV Installation on Riley St, Surry Hills Eastern Suburbs 3

The work that was completed

  • We used a Swann system that had all cameras run back to a central DVR, which was then connected to their Wi-Fi router, so mobile phone access was available. 
  • Whenever somebody walks in front of the camera, a push notification is sent to the customer’s phone. They’re then able to stream the camera vision. 
  • The cables were run in surface mounted conduit and concealed in cavities and ceiling space wherever possible. 

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CCTV Installation on Riley St, Surry Hills Eastern Suburbs 4

Where the job was completed

To complete the CCTV system installation, the AB Electrical team travelled to our client’s location on Riley St, Surry Hills, situated between Frog Hollow Reserve and Crown Street Public School in New South Wales. 

Who worked on the job

Adam – Tradie 
Sam – Tradie
Matt – Apprentice 

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