Burnt Cabling in Sub Board on Neerim Road, Castle Cove North Shore

AB Electrical & Communications is a reputable electrical service provider with vast experience in this field and a team of qualified and highly skilled electricians who can complete jobs with minor issues to hugely complex projects. The owner, Adam Bushell, has more than ten years of experience in the electrical industry and is dedicated to providing high-quality, wide-ranging services, catering to both residential and commercial markets, together with his company, AB Electrical & Communications.

It may be a small business, but it is a solid one. The Sydney-based electrical provider has a strong team of electricians that are committed to providing excellent service to every customer. Every job is completed with professionalism, with the work being in line with the Australian standards.

What was the client after?

The client, located on Neerim Road, Castle Cove, called AB Electrical & Communications with concerns regarding their electrical power system. They were greatly concerned when they noticed an electrical burning smell accompanied by smoke coming from the kitchen. Such signs are always a reason to worry, and it is of the utmost importance to contact a professional electrician immediately.

What was the type of work completed?

The team started by investigating the downlights, as it was believed this was the main issue. After a thorough investigation to locate the problem, the cause of the electrical burning smell was located. The main issue was with the switchboard located above the client’s fridge, where it was visible that its enclosure had melted.

When inspecting the damaged switchboard, it was discovered that the primary neutral hadn’t been screwed down properly. When a neutral wire is loose, this can quickly generate arcing at the connection point, causing the wire to start burning through the insulation. This type of issue can be hazardous, so it must be solved as soon as possible.

The next step was to isolate and stop the power supply to the apartment so we could replace the damaged part, starting with removing the burnt-out switchboard enclosure, followed by cutting back any burnt cabling.

Once this step has been finalised, the electricians could install the new enclosure and neaten up the switchboard. The job was then completed and finished, but not before the switchboard was appropriately labelled, tested and commissioned.

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How often should I get my switchboard checked?

Given that all the electrical power within a property runs through the switchboard, it is of the utmost importance to have it frequently checked. This is to avoid any electrical issues from arising.

Maintenance is crucial.

So, when it comes to residential switchboards, these should be inspected and checked every year, or at least every two years. This is how you ensure your switchboard is in excellent condition and functioning as it should.

What are the potential dangers of having a faulty switchboard in the house?

Electrical issues can be highly hazardous, and if you have a faulty switchboard in the house, a lot of problems can arise. Some of the potential dangers of a damaged switchboard include:

  • Electrical fires due to faulty and burnt wiring;
  • Electrocutions and severe injury can occur if you have a defective switchboard – this is why a professional electrician must be contacted.

Why is it important to contact a licensed electrician when you suspect electrical faults in the house?

Any type of electrical fault, whether a damaged switchboard or something else, can be very dangerous, and only a qualified and highly skilled electrician should inspect and solve them.

You should never attempt to undertake any electrical work on your own at home, given the potential dangers it poses. Instead, you should act immediately and call a licensed electrician to come to investigate the issue.

Contact AB Electrical & Communications now for any emergency electrical repairs.

Where was the job completed?

The job was completed at Neerim Road, Castle Cove NSW 2069, Australia.

Who worked on the job?

The AB Electrical & Communications professional who worked on this job is tradesman Benny.

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