Bell Pendant Installation in Sydney

AB Electrical Sydney provides a wide range of services, including installations, maintenance and upgrades of old equipment so you can be sure your home is always going to be in tip-top shape where power is concerned. Since electricity can be dangerous, it’s important you don’t attempt to repair your fixtures or switchboards on your own. It’s important to always call in an electrician to help you out, no matter how minor the problem may appear.

We are always just one call away on (02) 9061 7060, so don’t hesitate to request our help when you need it. After finishing the job, we’ll leave your home as clean as we found it. You also don’t have to worry about extra or hidden fees. We won’t fix the problem you’re dealing with only to announce that you have to pay an extra hefty sum. After you call us, we’ll conduct a thorough assessment of the issue and tell you the price upfront. We also offer a $50 gift voucher in case you’re not satisfied with the quality of our services.

Here’s an example of the way in which we conduct our work so you can get a good idea of what you can expect when you request our assistance. 

What The Client Was After

The client wanted us to install two large bell pendants. These lighting appliances have an elegant look that is both timeless and fashionable. They fit well into every home design due to their minimalist, clean-cut look. They’re also the perfect option for creating a pleasant, comfortable atmosphere at home. Our client wanted them installed over their table, creating a cosy, warm ensemble, perfect for dinner parties. 

The Work AB Electrical Completed 

The first thing we did was disconnect the power at the distribution panel. We double-checked by using a current detector. The next step was to attach the crossbar to the junction box. This is what provides the necessary strength to support the fixture and keep it attached. Afterwards, we determined the length of the rod the client wanted for the appliance and fed the wire through the centre. The pendant rod was connected to the ceiling cap, with the chain link looped through the eyelets. All that remains is to connect to power and check for functionality.

One particularity of this job was the usage of silver piping to hide cabling on the timber. This was to not only create a more pleasant look but also to ensure additional safety measures. It is also helpful during cleaning. 

Choosing the Right Pendant Light For Your Space

Deciding on what type of pendant best fits your space can be a bit of a struggle. In order to determine what works best for your home you need to take into account a few key aspects, namely: 

  1. The amount of light needed for the room: While the looks are important, you mustn’t brush aside the fact that any lighting fixture is a functional piece first and foremost, and therefore needs to fit that purpose. Make sure the bell pendant you install isn’t too small for the room, and therefore won’t be able to illuminate properly, or too large so that the light becomes overwhelming and causes you discomfort. However, if you’ve set your eyes on a smaller pendant and just won’t be deterred, you can cluster a few of them together, to make up for the demands of the room. 
  2. The feel you want to bring to the space: Consider the type of light you want to have in the room and whether or not your bell pendant of choice would be able to emphasize it. You don’t want something that’ll drown out the light, or disperse it incompletely. 
  3. The style of the room that will tie in with the pendant: When you pick a single design for a room and stick to it, everything will look more aesthetically pleasing. The lighting fixture shouldn’t be an exception here, as everything in the room should be a cohesive ensemble. If you’re not sure what style you should pick, go for something with clean, crisp lines and a colour palette in greys and charcoals that’ll lend itself well to any interior. 
  4. Shape and size of the pendant light: This is a very important aspect as pendants that are too small will be unnoticeable, while those that are too large will seem out of place and downright comical. You don’t want something that’ll leave no impression, but just as well you should avoid anything that draws too much attention to itself to the detriment of the rest of the room. A bell pendant fixture should be an integral part of your room. There’s also the practical aspect of it. In the kitchen, for example, you don’t want to risk bumping your head on an oversized pendant. 
  5. Placement of the pendant in the room: This aspect largely depends on the room in which the fixture is installed and what you’re going to use it for. If you’re going to use it for reading, you should hang them higher, but if are wanting them to provide soft, Ambiental light, they can be lower. 

Does an Electrician Need to Install a Pendant Light?

Yes, this is a requirement as per Australian standards. Even if it sounds easy, don’t install a bell pendant yourself. You risk injuring yourself or having your fixture drop to the floor a few days after installation, leaving you with additional costs to deal with. 

Where The Job Was Completed 

This job was undertaken in Oberon, New South Wales 2787. 

Who Worked On The Job

The professionals who worked on this project were Benny (tradesman) and Matt (apprentice). 

If you want to get a similar appliance fitted to your home in the Sydney area, don’t hesitate to give us a call on (02) 9061 7060. We’d be more than happy to help you.

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Bell Pendant Installation

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Bell Pendant Installation

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Bell Pendant Installation

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Bell Pendant Installation

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