45kg Chandelier Installation on Helen street, Lane Cove North Shore

One of the quickest ways to update the appearance and vibe of any room is by replacing a light fixture. But, when you purchase a fascinating chandelier from Beacon Lighting, replacing your old light fitting is not an electrical upgrade you should do on your own. 

That’s why our customer reached out to us to make sure that the new lighting fixture enhances the look of the room correctly and there are no electrical dangers. The AB Electrical & Communications team in Lane Cove was quick to lend a helping hand. 

What was the problem for our client? 

One day, our team of expert Electricians Lane Cove was given an important task: replace the existing light fixture with a more complex and sophisticated one.

Our customer recently purchased a stunning chandelier from Beacon Lighting and needed help replacing the old light fixture. Needless to say, our customer did a great job reaching out to experts rather than handling this dangerous task alone. 

We had a chat with our customer and explained that electrical work, especially of this nature, is better handled by professionals. Electric work done by inexperienced individuals can lead to serious risks. 

Our solution 

We were quick to travel to our customer’s home to get the job done. Our electricians started by isolating power at the main switchboard to eliminate any electrical danger. Next, they disconnected and removed the existing light fitting, making room for our customer’s new, gorgeous chandelier. The next step involved installing a chandelier bracket to secure the new lighting fixture. Our experts used six dynabolts, which were fixed into the concrete slab. 

The next thing our experts did for our customer was to connect the new light fixture and do amazingly meticulous work at dressing the fitting with crystal ornaments using gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints. Last but not least, as always, our professional electricians tested the new lighting fixture before asking for payment. 

lighting installation in lane cove
45kg Chandelier Installation on Helen street, Lane Cove North Shore 3

What to consider when buying a chandelier

If you are reading this, you’re likely interested in purchasing a chandelier to upgrade a room in your home or for a more extensive design project. Whatever your reason, we’re here to help with useful tips on what to consider when purchasing a chandelier. 

Consider your budget

No matter the project you take on to improve your home, it’s always wise to have a budget in mind. When shopping for a chandelier, know about how much you can afford to spend on the lighting fixture you want. Know that chandeliers differ in shapes and sizes and, based on that, so do their prices.  

Consider the design theme

Before choosing a lighting fixture like a chandelier, make sure that you know the room’s design theme you’re planning to upgrade. There are a number of chandelier designs out there that look gorgeous, but you need to make sure that they fit the design you’re looking for. Simply put, have a clear theme of the room in mind when deciding on a chandelier. 

Consider the ceiling height

Considering the ceiling height is of utmost importance when choosing a lighting fixture like a chandelier. More precisely, rooms with a much higher ceiling look great with a chandelier that hangs low and drops down from the ceiling. However, as you may imagine, rooms with a low ceiling would not benefit from this type of chandelier. 

Consider the size of the chandelier 

There’s no one-size-fits-all lighting fixture. You should choose the size of a chandelier based on how it will determine your final design look. Large chandeliers are excellent choices for rooms that are wide open. Smaller chandeliers look better in smaller spaces. 

Where the job took place 

Our chandelier installation project took place on Helen Street, Lane Cove, in the Sefton area. However, our team of professional electricians can travel to different locations in the area, and we strive to arrive on time and not keep our customers waiting. 

lane cove electrical job
45kg Chandelier Installation on Helen street, Lane Cove North Shore 4

Meet the team who worked on this project 

At AB Electrical & Communications, we have a vast team of professionals. This particular project was handled by two of our experts: 

  • Adam-Tradesman 
  • Matt-Apprentice

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