Single-Phase To 3 Phase Power on Moruben road, Mosman North Shore

A customer purchased a new central air unit and was wondering how to install such a large appliance. AB Electrical & Communications North Shore lent a helping hand.

What was the problem? 

A customer turned to us in search of an effective solution, as they wanted to install ducted air conditioning and several other cooking appliances. The team quickly arrived on the scene, only to discover that the house had a single phase power connection. We had a chat with our customer to explain that there’s a limit to the load that a single phase can handle. As we pointed out, it’s not possible to run an induction cooktop, a ducted air conditioning system, and an electric oven at the same time with the current single phase electrical connection.  

Our solution

The client didn’t have the proper outlet and electricity setup, so we suggested installing a 3 phase power supply. This way, they wouldn’t be restricted in their power usage because of the limited capacity of electrical supply. A 3 phase power supply works via three wires, including three conductor wires and a neutral wire. Usually, commercial and industrial facilities have a 3 phase supply. When it comes to the home, 3 phase power is a solid investment in future energy needs.

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Single-Phase To 3 Phase Power on Moruben road, Mosman North Shore 3

Understanding the advantages of 3 phase power

A 3 phase power supply delivers power at a steady, constant rate, with no peaks and dips in voltage. Most importantly, it can supply three times as much power as opposed to a single-phase power supply. You can have both 240V and 415V from the same electricity supply. The power supply is able to cope with the demands of larger appliances and by upgrading to a 3 phase system basically means you can safely run appliances simultaneously because there’s no risk of tripping the circuits.

Here’s who may want to consider 3 phase power

3 phase power is a better choice when multiple electrical devices and appliances are used and where power consumption performance is vital. The older switchboard should be replaced with a more powerful one that can handle more considerable electricity demands and currents. Here are some significant reasons for needing a 3 phase power upgrade:

  • The power supply never drops to zero
  • Electric equipment and appliances last longer 
  • The old electrical system is too dangerous to keep 

If you’re thinking about installing an air conditioner or energy-hungry appliances, you may need to make the switch to a 3 phase power supply.

What did we do? 

We switched the electrical structure from a single phase to a 3 phase system. Our team had to pull the wires through a conduit for mechanical protection; it also allowed the wires to overcome obstacles. We made great efforts to achieve the best possible end result. Needless to say, the upgrade gave the customer the additional capacity to power all the appliances without a hitch.

This job took place in Moruben Road, Mosman 

It’s important to note the place where this job took place. Mosman is a suburb in the Lower North Shore Region of Sydney. It’s surrounded by water on three sides, so there are lots of places to visit, besides Balmoral Beach. Military Road, the only major road going in and out of Mosman, is a nightmare during commuting hours. Nonetheless, we strive to arrive on time so as not to keep customers waiting.

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Single-Phase To 3 Phase Power on Moruben road, Mosman North Shore 4

Meet The Team

At AB Electrical & Communications, we’ve had an incredible journey coming to where we are today. These are some of our talented employees:

Sam – Tradesman
Adam – Tradesman
Matt – Apprentice

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